IOC discusses on the 19th whether athletes from Russia and Belarus will attend

The Olympic opening ceremony

NBA Minnesota, 'sudden shock' due to Towns' knee injury Looking forward to PO's return

Team's first championship hopes 'failed'

‘Suspicion of bullying of juniors’

Pepper A attends reward and punishment committee No conclusion reached and re-discussion

Men's table tennis defeats Denmark in the quarterfinals of the World Championships team event

Advance to the semifinals for the fourth time in a row

'Eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Japan Cup' Japanese soccer continues under coach Moriyasu

Japan Football Association "There are positive and negative reviews, but we fully support it." Japanese soccer, which was eliminat...

‘B. Munich Return’ Kim Min-jae

“I’m sorry I couldn’t get the results I wanted, I feel a great sense of responsibility”

‘No score, no win in 3 games’ humiliation, China ultimately fails to advance to round of 16

3rd place in Group A with 2 draws and 1 loss Failed to enter the top 4 teams out of 3rd place in 6 groups

Djokovic vs Sinner, clash in the Australian Open tennis semifinals on the 26th

Djokovic challenges Australian Open for longest singles win streak record Sinner is ‘confident’ after winning his second match against Djokovic recently.

Imanaga, highly praised by Jeong-hoo Lee, counts down his contract with the Chicago Cubs

Lee: “This is my first time seeing a ball with so much rotation.” “I’ve seen many fastballs reaching 150 km/h, but this was my first time se...

Suwon FC baton Kim Eun-joong Straighter and sharper

“The first goal is to fight for the mid-tier rankings, avoid side passes, play concisely, and pursue quick soccer that moves ahead of time” ...

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