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What Is Web 3.0 And How Is It Different From Web 2.0?

Since the beginning of 2022, almost every blockchain enthusiast has talked about web 3.0 and how it may revolutionize the world wide web(WWW). Yet, not many people understand this novel concept. Thankfully, this article will clarify what is web 3 all about.

Every aspect of technology has experienced immense growth over the years. Experts find new ways to make life better and simpler by upgrading old technology or creating new ones. One of the major products of technological advancement is the internet.

Everyone or almost everyone uses the internet regularly. The internet connects us to different people globally, helping us communicate and share ideas. But the world wide web was not always so colorful or visually appealing.

Before the WWW was upgraded to 2.0, which is the internet we use presently, the existing internet was web 1.0. During this time, web pages were static and not responsive like today’s websites. After continuous development, developers introduced web 2.0, embracing responsiveness and interactivity.

What Is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is a massive development from the previous web. It promotes user participation, ease of use, and connectivity. It is safe to mention that web 2 is not exactly a newer version of the web. “Web 2.0” is a term that describes a period where web developers started creating more interactive websites.

One of the most prominent features differentiating web 2.0 from the web 1.0 is that the former allows users to use social media platforms. This led to the creation of numerous platforms where users can create user-generated content.

With web 2.0, people can express their opinions and interact with others. They also benefit from the rich web experience, cleaner graphics, and video /audio support. Users can even create content and own blogs without possessing web development skills.

What Is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 describes a phase whereby developers build internet service on blockchain technology. Blockchain technology has revolutionized investment, money transfers, and even artworks. Now, web 3.0 developers are looking to change how the internet works by ensuring decentralization and transparency through blockchain.

Decentralization is one of the core aspects of web 3.0. With decentralization, users will control what they see and say. Since people won’t need permission from a central authority, there will be no censorship of thoughts or ideas.

Also, websites and apps should process information more efficiently through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), creating a more transparent, open, and decentralized web.

Presently, big tech firms are in control of the internet. Firms like Amazon, Google, and Facebook control and censor the web. This makes the internet largely centralized, affecting user liberty.

Since machines will contribute immensely to this new web, they must be able to process information intelligently through artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a technology that helps machines behave in a human-like manner. It also helps them understand and process information, thereby hastening the speed at which users access appropriate resources.

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Essential Features Of Web 3.0

1. Decentralization

2. Artificial intelligence (AI)

3. Open-source

1. Decentralization: Decentralization refers to a situation where no single authority controls a structure. Corporate bodies keep data centralized, making it difficult to access. Data will be distributed to various locations with decentralization, enabling easier access. Also, the new internet will be private yet transparent; and internet users may no longer need to worry about sharing their personal data with sites.

2. Artificial intelligence: Artificial intelligence means intelligence demonstrated by computers or machines. While still in its early stage, AI is a fundamental feature in this new web. With AI, machines learn and process information very similarly to humans. This will help machines distribute more relevant information to humans.

3. Open source: Open source refers to something anybody can use, modify and share. Open-source software is accessible to the public, allowing transparency. Web 3.0 will be open source because nobody will control it. This will help the web become a community-controlled entity, where users can participate in decision-making.

What Makes Web 2.0 Different From Web 3.0?

One of the main differences between web 2.0 and web 3.0 is that the former is highly centralized. Control and power are in the hands of top tech companies, and they make decisions on behalf of the whole world. Web 3.0 is looking to change this by embracing decentralization, which means that single entities will no longer have such control over the internet.

Another difference is that web 3.0 will be characterized by highly intelligent machines, helping users find appropriate information. Experts hope to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to make this happen. Web 2.0, however, does not have the same properties. Also, for those asking, “what is web 3 technology?.” Web 3.0 is powered by blockchain technology.

Censorship is a core difference between the two. Big tech companies may choose to censor certain things, affecting individual liberty. On the other hand, since no one has control over web 3.0, no one will have the power to control what you say or interact with.

Why Is Web 3.0 Important?

Web 3.0 is important because it promotes decentralization. People will interact with others peer-to-peer without needing to depend on intermediaries. Removing intermediaries may also cut costs associated with certain services.

This new generation of internet services may also change the kind of data we interact with. Because it is open-source, everybody can see, change and access certain data, in a way that not possible in web 2.


Web 3.0 has become one of the most talked-about topics in the blockchain space. This new phase may enable humans to enjoy a decentralized, private and open internet.

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