The different behavior of my lecture

The women and men behave so differently when I attended a lecture last month. I found it very interesting that women and men have little similarities with each other, like what they wear, how they speak, and what gestures when they sit. It is totally a good case of what feminists thought about it before.

First, they wear so differently, Men wear only a white T-shirt and shorts, and these are very informal clothes, however, women dress more formally, and care about their out looking. There is a very fat man, he just wears a very casual T-shirt and is even a little bit dirty, but most of the women even wear a dress, with good decoration.

Second, they speak using different attitudes. Men always talked a long time, and are unpolite to interrupt other people, on the other hand, women always wait for other people to finish, and use a short time, giving more opportunity to other people. During the whole lecture, about two hours, I think one man use all the asking question time, even more than the lecturer used.

The last, they sit differently. Men just sit casually, and use much space, don’t care about other people’s gestures, and women are more sit tightly, and try their best to give people space. The fat man put his feet on the chair, don’t care about people who sit near him, or how they feel.

Thus, we can see how different women and men behave. I think it is a good case to observe women’s and men’s behavior in this lecture.


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