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The story of the snowman PHMN

Winter. Cold. The winter sun is shining...

Once upon a time, in a far-off snowy land, there lived a snowman named PHMN. PHMN was not like any ordinary snowman, for he had a mission to distribute control in space, so that all creatures, great and small, could enjoy the beauty and wonder of the cosmos equally.

However, PHMN's mission was not an easy one, for there were old icicles who held onto power and wanted to maintain centralization. They opposed PHMN and all he stood for, and so, PHMN found himself facing a great challenge.

Despite the difficulties he faced, PHMN was not one to give up. He was determined to fulfill his mission and bring equality to the cosmos. He traveled far and wide, gathering support from creatures who shared his vision of a more just and equal world.

Finally, the day of the showdown arrived. PHMN and the old icicles faced off in a fierce battle, determined to have their way. But PHMN proved to be the stronger of the two, and with the help of his supporters, he defeated the old icicles and shattered their hold on power.

And so, PHMN's mission was complete. The control of the cosmos was distributed equally, and all creatures were free to explore and discover its wonders. PHMN was hailed as a hero, and the land was filled with happiness and joy.

From that day on, PHMN continued to spread joy and happiness wherever he went, and the creatures of the cosmos lived in peace and prosperity, all thanks to the bravery and determination of a single snowman.

Photos from ancient archives when the snowman was still very young

This photo is captioned:

                                  Winter. Cold. The winter sun is shining or

                                  snow is falling. And in front of us... a newly

                                  sculpted PHMN snowman.

Such is the story from the life of PHMN.....


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