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Design Philosophy | The 1500 Traveloggers Describe How We Face the World

If you have received airdrops or have successfully pre-ordered Traveloggers, you may have already noticed the feature description of your Traveloggers. 

These characteristics come from the different values, philosophical perspectives, temperaments, and ways of thinking of content creators and users on Matters.

We are certain from the beginning that Traveloggers strives to tell a story about this community, and is closely relevant to our creators. YOU are the inspiration for Traveloggers.

We hope to present these key characteristics through elements such as accessories, colors, facial expressions, and poses. However, the pixelated NFT makes it challenging to clearly present these characteristics in the designs—sometimes you need to use your imagination to figure it out. But you may have already figured out some features, such as the rainbow flag, the Guy Fawkes mask, the hoe, etc., each representing a certain standpoint. 

Today, we will unpack the key characteristics these 1500 Traveloggers represent.


Each of us entered this world with a certain bias. We often hold different value propositions on the same matter. This is partly the core of creation. 

Therefore, we have selected some prevailing value propositions in the Matters.News community. As the political spectrum becomes more and more complex, each of the value propositions below can be dissected into many different angles and is open to the interpretation of Traveloggers’ owners. 

The value propositions embedded in Traveloggers include: 

【Philosophical Perspectives】

Philosophical perspectives refer to the ways we understand the world, whether it’s skeptical or rational, pessimistic or optimistic, etc. This lays the foundation of our creation. 

The philosophical perspectives embedded in Traveloggers include:

Some Traveloggers are designed based on the representative figures of these philosophical perspectives, have you noticed? 

【Ways of Thinking】

In our community, we often see different styles of writings and behavior modes. Some content creators are good at logic and reasoning, while others are imaginative and passionate about inventive literary creations; some have actively participated in community building, while others are more reserved and observant. There are also many users who have outstanding hands-on abilities and have created various plug-ins for Matters, while others are adventurous and open to trying new things, such as every one of you who has participated in our NFT project. 

We have roughly divided these different ways of thinking and behavior characteristics into the following types:

Extroverted: More interested in the objective world. Pays attention to the changes in the external world and makes creative judgments accordingly

Introverted: Focuses to the inner world. More interested in spiritual growth and matters like self-questioning

Analytical: Prefers to use logic to draw conclusions. Values logic and tends to perceive the world in a structured way

Compassionate: Pays more attention to the feelings of people than the logic of things. Tends to perceive the world in an unstructured way. Highly empathic.

Imaginative: Often has wild imaginations and relies more on intuition to understand the world

Down-to-earth: Focuses on what is perceivable. Creates based on observations in reality, interviews, etc.

Practical: Willing to take practical actions to make changes. Strong hands-on and practical skills, like many volunteer engineers on the platform

Adventurous: Curious about the unknown and willing to take risks, like many who have participated in the NFT project

Enthusiastic: Interested in public affairs and is willing to work hard for public affairs voluntarily. Thinks participating in public affairs is an important way to improve themselves, like architects on the site and users who have initiated activities

Observant: Less involved in practical and public affairs. Relatively reserved and quiet. Good at observing changes in the world and adjust their behaviors accordingly

Exploring: Travels around the world or has cross-regional experience. Has cross-cultural experience, and has diverse perspectives 

 The ways of thinking and behavior characteristics above are embedded in the design of Traveloggers, and are represented through different colors and symbols, or accessories such as telescopes, tape measures, clocks, and fisherman’s hats. 

【Temperaments and Personality Traits】

The last set of keywords is about temperaments and personality traits. Our personality traits give us edges and corners, make us more human, and shape our choices. 

The personality traits of Traveloggers include: self-disciplined, chic, rebellious, sociable, hard-working, nonchalant, confused, and determined. 

Personality traits are neutral and aren’t good or bad. Each personality trait is charming in its own way, creating its unique temperament.  


It is challenging to accurately convey these complex values, philosophical perspectives, ways of thinking, and temperaments through simple design. But we have integrated these key characteristics about our creators and community, hoping that our creators can closely relate to the Traveloggers, and that the Traveloggers are telling a story about the past and the future of Matters. We also encourage you to create your own perspective and story for your Traveloggers. 

More Traveloggers will be on sale at OpenSea on November 15. You will meet more Traveloggers with different personalities and standpoints. Hope you can find your favorite! 

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