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The Space is coming soon| Call for Beta Test Users!

👉Sign Up Sheet👈 for The Space Beta Test User

The Space is finally coming! After three months of intense developments, we are almost ready for putting The Space on the chain. Right before the official launch, we have two announcements for you guys!

What is The Space?  Radical markets can work on blockchain. Our web3 experiment–The Space–shows how.

Firstly, thanks to the effort of our designer Yihan and engineer Elk, The Space’s official website finally took its shape! We warmly welcome you to visit On our website, you can join our discord, or fill in your email address (with ETH address optional) to subscribe to our update. At the same time, The Space Wiki is also coming soon!

Secondly, the public test for The Space Beta will be launched next weekend.

Within the Beta Test, each pixel will be minted as NFT at its first transaction. The color, coordination, and price of a pixel will all be directly stored on the chain. Each transaction will need a signature on the wallet. $SPACE Token(STK), released on Mumbai Testnet, will be used for pixel transactions. We also overcame the most important part in The Space: utilizing multiple smart contracts to collect Harberger Tax and transfer Universal Basic Income (UBI). You can have a taste of that in the Beta Test.

Currently, we are publicly recruiting the Beta Test Users. Active Test Users can experience The Space’s gameplay mechanism in advance and get the opportunity for an official $Space Tokens airdrop, as well as the opportunity to be the leading member for Space DAO, which is the operating entity for The Space in the future.

👉Sign Up Sheet👈

We will notify our applicants by email. The invitation will be sent in batches on a first-come-first-served basis. The first batch of test invitations and instructions are expected to be sent next Friday. Please check carefully.

About The Space:

The Space is a new attempt by Matters Lab to revive a public sphere based on blockchain technology and an aim for decentralization. In The Space, we will use blockchain to revolutionize the “game” from Reddit Place — a collaborative pixel canvas in 2017.

In The Space, all of the content will be permanently stored on the chain, and all logic will be achieved by smart contracts. This means the public sphere established by The Space will always remain online as part of Web3’s culture and history gallery.

However, the continuity of data and logic does not mean that players are willing to stay forever. Therefore, we introduce the market mechanism to financialize this public sphere. By using Harberger Tax as a governance principle for our public sphere, the public interest is maximized as well as the liquidity of the “pixel market”. We also initialize $SPACE Token as a utility currency, so that creators can profit from the creation process, pouring vibrant energy into the public sphere.

Moreover, UBI will be guaranteed based on Harberger Tax to promote the interest of the majority of creators. The Community Funds will also be established as the operating basis for SpaceDAO after The Space is launched. In the future, The Space will be operated independently by SpaceDAO, which consists completely of users, as a public good.

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