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Upcoming Event : 706 x Matters Lab Salon @ LA

In September, Matters Lab will be speaking at 3 salons in the United States (PCT Timezone), with Live sessions on @MattersLab Twitter Space in UTC+8
706 @ LA Salon


Web3 has become the next buzzword entering our daily life. We need to reckon the new technologies that bring about the products that will gradually show its social impact.

What makes Web3 possible, is the blockchain technology that creates and secures digital assets. Blockchain relies on decentralization, a long-held dream of the Internet that has yet to be truly realized. We all agree that every innovation somewhat comes from the destruction of ideals. What will we witness this time? Will the final shape of decentralized network bring the next step of human consciousness, or another round of power relations?

Web3 promises a new kind of ownership, allowing users to own and control their own digital assets and data, instead of only passive users.

As creators, how do we balance our creation and livelihood? As readers, what kind of content do we want to support? As entrepreneurs, what new values can be generated by new opportunities ?

In this Salon, we invited three founders of famous Web3 projects to discuss the shape of content media in the Web3 era. Together they will share different paths into the same field, three different perspectives to examine the same ecology, and talk about the dark tide behind the bubble.

Guest Speakers

Jieping Zhang @張潔平 | Journalist, Editor, Entrepreneur
Founder of Matters Lab
Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of Initium

Guo Liu @刘果 | Guo Liu
Engineer, Photographer
Co-founder of Matters Lab

Product Manager, Entrepreneur
Founder of @rss3

Livid @Livid
Software Engineer, Entrepreneur
Founder of V2EX, Founder of Planet


Coder, Writer

Event format: online + offline

Online Event Information
Time: September 3, 6pm-8pm PST
( UTC+8 September 4, 9am-11am )

Venue: Matters Twitter Space @MattersLab

Offline Event Information
Time: September 3, 6pm-8pm PST
Venue: Tujunga, CA 91042 (specific address will be notified via email or WeChat after registration, see the link at the end of the registration form)

Number of participants: 20

Registration method: Fill out the form

We look forward to seeing you in the Web3 Salon online or in LA!


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