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Matters.News Renames Its Domain to Matters.Town to Better Reflect its Community-Driven Platform

Matters, the popular community-driven Web3 social media platform, has announced its domain name–from Matters.News to Matters.Town, effective April, 2023 and onward.
The Largest Web3 Publishing Platform Announces Domain Name Change from Matters.News to Matters.Town

Matters.Town powered by Matters Lab, is an open-sourced Web3 social platform that merges creative and community features. It has grown to become the largest Web3 publishing platform globally.

The domain change was a carefully considered decision, Matters.Town was chosen to reflect the platform’s growth into a vibrant and diverse community. 

Matters Lab launched Matters.Town (previously Matters.News) since 2018, and opened registration to all in June 2019. To date, more than 100,000 creators have joined and formed the largest community on the IPFS decentralized network to publish original content including news coverages, magazines, reports, articles, and novels. 

At Matters, the public space is defined by creators and is maintained mainly through their autonomy. The platform is home to a vibrant community of creators, where people of all sizes, from small towns to big cities, are connected by a common bond.

Here, creators call each other “Matters Architects”: they write to share knowledge, establish periodicals and publishing houses, and use open APIs to produce various data and encyclopedias. Matters was founded to build a strong infrastructure to support its self-organized community. Matters.Town will serve as a space for individuals to express themselves freely, share their ideas, and connect with like-minded individuals. As the platform continues to evolve, more upgrades and features will be introduced, and the team is excited to announce these progress in the coming months.

As we continue to lead in Web3 social platform towards a more equitable creator economy, we are proud to continue the journey as Matters.Town, offering creators the ability to self-publish in a financially viable and autonomous manner. Matters.Town remains committed to decentralization and user empowerment, with the core mission of creating a self-organized public space for dialogue in Web3.

The domain name change will not affect the functionality of Matters.Town. In the future, accessing the website through or old URLs with the ”.News” suffix will automatically redirect to the new domain All users will only need to log in to Matters.Town once again.


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