斯大林的迷弟,莫托洛夫 说:











"Stalin's Lost Brother-Motorov's Statement"

Motolov says:

"Lenin ’s later years were complicated ...; Lenin ’s friends are basically some suspicious people; Lenin has a very close relationship with Stalin. Lenin regards Stalin as his central pillar. If Stalin is killed, With the addition of two or three people, the Soviet Union is over; when Lenin was alive, there were so many uncoordinated, all kinds of opposition parties. Someone always let go of the crackdown, so Stalin actually took on this task and solved it. Through the New Economic Policy of the Tenth Congress, we have to temporarily abandon the line, abandon socialism, abandon the leadership of the working class, and drift towards capitalism.

Stalin ’s crackdown is completely correct and necessary; confession is evidence; we fully support him, and I am one of the most important; without crackdown, we cannot survive; crackdown policy is the only policy to save the people and the revolution, It is the only policy that conforms to Leninism and its basic principles; however, the repression is not thorough enough. For example, people like Khrushchev, Mikoyan, and Livinov were not killed at that time, and more talents should be suppressed.

Before the realization of communism, it was always the dictatorship of the proletariat, and the dictatorship could only be the dictatorship of a few people. The dictatorship must be connected to women and children; as long as imperialism existed, the lives of the Soviet people could not be improved; because we must Like Stalin, concentrate all human, material and financial resources to develop heavy industry (especially military industry) ...

Under my auspices, 400,000 rich peasants were eliminated; the achievement of agricultural collectivization was greater than the victory of the Great Patriotic War.

… I always support and support Stalin ’s leadership; after my wife was arrested on charges of German spying, I did not argue. The Politburo met to divorce her. I initially disagreed, but later agreed. But I think that even if I was really executed by Stalin, I would die well, and I am willing. "


Chuyev, "140 conversations with Molotov."


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