Teaching Feeling: The Game For Adults With Meaningful Messages

If you feel lonely or looking for a virtual friend, Teaching Feeling may be a more perfect option than ever.

The Teaching Feeling apk for Android is not available on Google Play, but you can download it from the official website. The game is rated 18+ and features a deeply meaningful plot. The player takes the role of a doctor, receiving a gift from a patient. The patient, a young girl named Sylvie, suffers from a tragic past and wants to forget her painful experiences. It is your job to help her overcome her past and find the strength to make amends. In the end, she falls in love with you must help her overcome her fears, and learn to trust herself.

Unlike many other games, the Teaching Feeling apk is made by a programmer from Japan. The game does not have a publisher, and there are no copyrights attached to it. That means you can download it for free. Besides being free, the app offers a variety of features. You can choose the difficulty level to help your child progress. Once you've chosen the difficulty level, all you need to do is tap the screen to give an emotion to the character. While the faces start out blank, they soon show their emotions, and the game will keep you laughing as you teach your kids about how to deal with their own feelings.

In Teaching Feeling, you play as a young woman named Sylvie. As a young woman, she has experienced a traumatic past. As a result, she desperately needs your emotional and physical support. Fortunately, you can talk to her and earn her trust through the dialogue options offered. In addition to talking to Sylvie, you can also give her items. Providing her with these items will boost her level. In addition to being a full-time player, you can even help her with her personal problems.

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