Kyle Chu 微風捕手
Kyle Chu 微風捕手

末日經典📽 準備在台灣演《北非諜影》亨弗萊鮑嘉 Preparing to play Rick of Movie “Casablanca” in Taiwan



Everyone has a role that he wished to play once in a life time. I always wanna be Rick of Movie “Casablanca”.

Casablanca (film) - Wikipedia
Exceeding expectations, Casablanca went on to win the Academy Award for Best Picture, while Curtiz was selected as Best…


If WWIII was coming, there’s a chance for a brand new “Casablanca Bar” in the war zone.


If you wanna be Rick in “Casablanca”,you gotta know how to drink & drunk in troubled times. The famous dialouge in “Casablanca” tells everything:

Major Strasser: What is your nationality?

Rick: I’m a drunkard.

Captain Renault: That makes Rick a citizen of the world.


You might win girls' hearts by playing the leader of rebel, but it’s too boring to do so.

Humphrey Bogart created a Rick Blaine who can be cynical,smart,humor & romantic in the same time. Playing Rick could be the best thing for a drunkard to be in this crazy world.


The first thing for playing Rick in Taiwan is searching for the location of the bar before the potential war started.

And you should forget about south of Hsinchu because the people out there could make gourmets that a new bar could hardly cut in.


Kinmen is so far away that could be no war dogs or customers. The rent in Taipei is totally crazy. So,Tamsui or Bitan could be reasonable choices for bar location near the water.

然後來想酒吧用什麼音樂、走什麼氛圍路線;學《北非諜影》聘一位山姆彈爵士鋼琴,在台灣行不通,最好找一位滄桑的女歌手把江蕙的歌練熟,然後幫她伴奏的電子琴師還能在女歌手休息時,獨立表演 [行船人的純情曲],以及陳一郎精選輯裡其他的歌。

As the music is so important for the bar, you could never hire a Jazz pianist as Sam. It just won’t work in Taiwan.

A female singer who could sing all songs of Jody Chiang is perfect. And we also need a piano man who could play with the female singer & sing all songs of Chen Yi-Lang by himself.


That’s good enough.

Steve Bannon said that The United States and China will fight a war within the next 10 years over islands in the South China Sea, and “there’s no doubt about that”.

Those words might disturb a lot of people. But it brought back my dream to play Rick of Movie “Casablanca” in Taiwan. It’s fate.


Nobody likes wars. But everybody loves “Casablanca”. To dream something is better than nothing before the world become a war zone.

For Doomsday


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