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滯留玩具世界的綠衣 女孩 The girl in green trapped in a toy land


滯留玩具世界的綠衣 女孩 The girl in green trapped in a toy land


There’s a an empty area of toy shops and vending machines on the right side between Taiwan High Speed Rail Taichung station and Taiwan Railway Xinwuri station.

There’s just a lonely toy land without anyone usually.


But that day ,there’s something different. I saw a lovely girl in green sitting in the area at AM11:20.

A short skirt angel was accompanying those lonely but colorful toys.


As I got back at 15:00 the same day, I saw the girl still on the same chair with same position.


It could be something wrong with my eyes or just a coincidence.


It might be the reset signal of Matrix.

(Picture took by Vivitar 35ES + Fujifilm 業務用100)

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