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📚電影音樂地圖🎷如果爵士樂也打季後賽🎧聽出高潮來😺📸🥃🍸🍹🍷☕️🍽 LikeFo必回

烏克蘭 🇺🇦 嗨克 白 啤酒🍺 開瓶:堅守家園的滋味🍊橘苦參半(家樂福)Ukraine Hike Beer Blanche Unfiltered



On 24 May 2022, three months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the effect of Putin’s invasion is the same as the title of Ernest Hemingway’s novel “Winner take Nothing”. The continued presence of Ukrainian beer in Taiwan’s stubborn fight against the Covid-19 epidemic may be a sign of uninterrupted trade.


Opening of Kyiv Brewery No.3 dedicated to the XXII Olympic Games takes place, and the first batch of beer is brewed in 1980.

hike Blanche

"Hike Blanche" is special because it has a palette of characteristic ingredients and aromas that emphasize but do not…


The Ukraine Hike Beer Blanche Unfiltered is 4.9 proof, but not too strong in the mouth, and the fermented orange taste of the pale ale is not obvious, but the bitterness is moderately neutralized, and the sweet and bitter taste makes this Ukrainian beer unique.

🇺🇦烏克蘭 國王撲克 白 啤酒 Queen🍺:祈求和平柑橘調味(家樂福)Ukraine Konge Poker Beer Blanche Unfiltered


與另一款家樂福架上的烏克蘭撲克白啤酒(Konge Poker Beer Blanche Unifiltered)相較,烏克蘭「嗨克」白啤酒售價台幣70元略高一點,但餘韻好很多。

Compared to the Konge Poker Beer Blanche Unifiltered on the shelf at Carrefour, Hike Beer Blanche Unfiltered is a bit more expensive at TWD 70, but has a much better finish.



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