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重嚐 台灣啤酒 基本款 Re-Taste of 2 Taiwan Beers


重嚐 台灣啤酒 基本款 Re-Taste of 2 Taiwan Beers


It’s not about promoting Taiwan Beer but giving Taiwan Beer another look after those bittersweet years .

But there’re too many Japanese friends asking me that they liked Taiwan Beer so much and why I didn’t drink them.

Well, I couldn’t remember when I had Taiwan Beer last time.


“Taiwan Beer”, I meant the original flavor not those new products which just couldn’t get those bad reviews from my father out of my mind. He said more than once to me:”Its smell was awful”.

As I was older, there’re too many foreign brands of beer came and I almost forgot Taiwan Beer.


One of my Japanese female friends told me : “Your Taiwan Beer with rices aroma is unique and I liked to drink it while I enjoyed your Taiwanese foods.”.


That’s why I finally decided to taste the two kinds of original Taiwan Beer again. Golden Medal Taiwan Beer & Classic Taiwan Beer, both of them brewed with brewar’s barley & Taiwanese rices.


I bought Taiwanese fried chicken and stewed pork served on rices to serve with these two beers.



As a complex emotional result, I surprised that Golden Medal Taiwan Beer tasted not bad at all.

You can taste a special aroma of rices mixed with not-sharp brewar’s barley flavor. It can extend the flavor of Taiwanese rices dishes and neutralize saline taste of dishes.

The alcoholic content of Golden Medal Taiwan Beer is 5%.


But Classic Taiwan Beer is not as cool as its name. The alcoholic content of Classic Taiwan Beer is 4.5%. It’s sharp, lighter but not well-balanced as Golden Medal Taiwan Beer.


Both of Golden Medal Taiwan Beer & Classic Taiwan Beer were low-priced beer in Taiwan. You can get any one of them with USD.1.09. If you wanted me to choose one, it seemed to me that Golden Medal Taiwan Beer was a better choice.


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