Kyle Chu 微風捕手
Kyle Chu 微風捕手

🍣小棉被店變人氣餐廳,京橋日式料理 Turned a Bedding & Pillow shop to Ginchao Japanese style restaurant ,Taipei


🍣小棉被店變人氣餐廳,京橋日式料理 Turned a Bedding & Pillow shop to Ginchao Japanese style restaurant ,Taipei


Ginchao Japanese style restaurant was not like this in a few years ago. The place was much more smaller and a half of this space was a Bedding & Pillow shop owned by the elder of this family.


The couple owned the restaurant worked very hard to earn the trust of their parents to close the old Bedding & Pillow shop. And they made the whole space as a new restaurant.


I like to eat their fried swordfish served on rices. The dish combined a skinny fish fried with crispy outside and a bowl of rices. It’s really a solid meal that couldn’t bring a lot of fortune to the restaurant but a great reputation.


They also served great fried tofu with special sauce which is both beautiful and delicious.


The parents of the owner of this restaurant still showed themselves in here often. The old man was really old but keeping serving customer with his shaking hands and crippled legs.

Some customers were picky about the old man’s service. But I don’t. I can always find some sparks in eyes of the old man. You could see him was so proud of his children to turned a Bedding & Pillow shop to a Japanese style restaurant.


I love the restaurant without any one beautiful waitress. You could find some pieces of stories as you eat.

旅客資訊 Info for tourists:

京橋日式料理 Ginchao Japanese style restaurant


No.130, Sec. 3, Muzha Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City 116, Taiwan

營業時間:Opening Hours

Tue.-Sun. 11:30–21:30

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