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🐶靈犬守護小店,☕️摩艾咖啡 Meet dog Fuku at Moai Cafe , Tamsui , Taiwan


🐶靈犬守護小店,☕️摩艾咖啡 Meet dog Fuku at Moai Cafe , Tamsui , Taiwan


I found this small cafe by accident that one day I walked by and took a look at the menu inside. The owner immediately smiled at me and showed me the menu for take-out.


My wife and I came to try their cakes at Sunday.The cafe inside were full of people and there was only a table outside available.


The dog of the cafe named Fuku guarding the door.

We watched the dog for 90 mins. All small kids tried to annoy the dog and elder kids tried to bully him but all in vain. The dog is a superhero dog as steel.


I recommend Matcha Chestnut cake with full aroma but less sweet. It costs only USD.2.16.


They served solid Latte coffee which tastes good and looks great.


The space of this cafe is really small but they will serve you good coffee and cakes. Their service is good and the service of the dog is superb.


There’s a Moai statue matched their name. But their biggest star is the dog Fuku.

🍲古早排骨湯、菜飯🍚,私藏暖食 Stewed pork ribs & white radish Soup served with Vegetable rices , My Private…

Gourmet foods , sweets , coffee or

旅客資訊 Info for tourists:

摩艾咖啡 Moai Cafe

 â„–3, Ln. 31, Minzu Rd., Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City 251, Taiwan

營業時間:Opening Hours

Tue.-Fri. 11:00–21:00

Sat.-Sun. 09:30–21:00

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