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末日經典📚 路易斯達奈爾 「末日開箱」 87分不能再高了!Get the point of “The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World After an…


The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Civilization in the Aftermath of a Cataclysm
How would you go about rebuilding a technological society from scratch? If our technological society collapsed tomorrow…


If you thought that Lewis Dartnell’s “The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World After an Apocalypse” for a book’s name was too long,you would agree with me that the book should named “Guide After Apocalypse”.

為了讓更多沒耐心讀者了解這書為何「必看」,我特地幫這本書劃重點:光第二章[最後寬限期:拾荒清單和重建計畫],就該列入國中基本教材。Some people could quit this book because its unnecessary long name. But I thought I should help friends to survive after the Apocalypse by pointed out chapter 2nd of this book is a must reading section.

第二章敘述順序,是避難處所、水、食物、燃料、醫藥、為什麼該離開都市、無電生活、蠶食城市,一到六項,是必須謹記順序,一旦毀滅性天災人禍降臨,這順序就是保命開箱文主架構。In chapter 2nd of this book,the articles edited in the order : shelter,water,foods,fuel,medicine,away from city. That’s the order we should keep in mind as Doomsday come.

第二章有兩個暗示:距離超市很近,與遠離都市。There’re 2 hints in chapter 2nd: near supermarket & away from city.

超市的重要,因爲作者計算出:如能佔據一個小型超市,裡面有你和家人可再活55年的食水必需品。但攻佔的是小七還是購物中心,差很大,你如果決定攻佔好市多,你還得思考攻佔區塊優先順序:先佔生鮮食材區最後未必贏,好市多裡有可能讓你具有「武裝優勢」的工具區,將是勝負關鍵。It’s important to occupy a supermarket that could keep you & your family alive more longer.But there’re differences to occupy a small one & mall.To occupy a mall like Costco might need good strategy to decide to go which parts of the mall could get strategic adventages.

遠離都市,因為便利事物聚集處,必有巨大危險:電力、瓦斯管線、輸油管線、失控人群與交通工具、傳染病等等,更別提城市遭核彈攻擊機率遠高於鄉村。附加結論是,如果你覺得戰爭或毀滅性災禍發生的可能增加,你為什麼要揹負沉重貸款購買具有這些潛在危險性的房地產?To be away from the city is a good point to help you figuring out one thing : It’s totally obsurd that you spent a lot of money or carried a heavy mortgage for a house which could lower your chance to survive.

如果你因為出版社弄了一個又臭又長的書名,就拒看這本書,至少你應該花時間看一下「陰屍路」前三季。If you still refuse to read this book with long name, I suggested you at least to take a look at the season 1–3 of “The Walking Dead”.

For Doomsday

2016 最後一天推薦閱讀:


The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World After an Apocalypse

作者: 路易斯‧達奈爾 Lewis Dartnell

譯者:蔡承志 出版社:臉譜

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