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🥢難忘的越式烤排骨飯滋味Unforgettable Flavor of Roasted Pork Chop served with rices


🥢難忘的越式烤排骨飯滋味Unforgettable Flavor of Roasted Pork Chop served with rices

在西貢越南美食吃越式烤排骨飯會上癮。Having Roasted Pork Chop served with rices in Saigon Vietnamese restaurant would become an addiction.

店家用瘦豬排,獨家醬料醃過才上烤爐,沾點豬油的青蔥一起入口,確實美味。Pork Chops was pickled with special sauce before sent to the oven & would be served with green onions. It’s simple & delicious.

感謝新住民,他們讓台灣美食更多元。Thanks to all new immigrants. They made Taiwan a place full of various delicious gourmets.

(西貢越南美食位於北捷萬芳醫院站附近巷內。Saigon Vietnamese restaurant is a small restaurant near Taipei MRT Wanfang Hospital station)

🍲古早排骨湯、菜飯🍚,私藏暖食 Stewed pork ribs & white radish Soup served with Vegetable rices , My Private…

Gourmet foods , sweets , coffee or

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