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🍧逢玉冰果室,豪邁 芒果 切塊 台北 古早冰 Fong Yu shaved Ice Store had me at “hello”, Taipei


🍧逢玉冰果室,豪邁 芒果 切塊 台北 古早冰 Fong Yu shaved Ice Store had me at “hello”, Taipei


“You had me at “hello” is the famous quotes from movie “Jerry Maguire”. And that’s exactly what I felt at the moment I was entering Fong Yu shaved Ice Store for the fist time.


I ordered pickled sweet fruits served on shaved ice and my wife ordered icy lemon juice that day.

The plate,the cup,the old words of ads on the wall,the chair and even the temple up stair made me fell for the store.


The sixty years old shaved ice store was so charming that I couldn’t help to fall in love with it.



We had the other sweet ice on their menu in later years.

Taiwanese mango served on shaved ice is absolutely extraordinary among others that the big chopped mango served with less-sweet syrup and a little condensed milk makes the original flavor of Taiwanese mango stood out.

Don’t be fooled by glamour photos about over-sweet mango ice by other ice store. That’s for tourists guides not for real foodie.


They served shaved ice with sweet red beans and condensed milk unlike others. They put a layer of shaved ice then the sweet red beans then another layer of shaved ice and a little condensed milk on the top.

Without sweet red beans outside the sweet, it’s not so colorful for Instagram but it’s more delicious as the ice melting with sweet red beans inside.


They also served sweet soup with lotus seeds which is a great sweet delight for all seasons.

旅客資訊 Info for tourists:

逢玉冰果室 Fong Yu shaved Ice Store


No.78, Baoyi Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City 116, Taiwan

營業時間:Opening Hours 13:00–23:00 (

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