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🥢美艷小食堂,往太魯閣國家公園路上的驚喜 MeiYan Restaurant a surprise before entering Taiwan Taroko National Park…


🥢美艷小食堂,往太魯閣國家公園路上的驚喜 MeiYan Restaurant a surprise before entering Taiwan Taroko National Park, Hualien


MeiYan Restaurant is a surprise before entering Taiwan Taroko National Park, Hualien. Don’t judge it by its road house style appearance.


If your have enough to eat in this small Restaurant, you gotta try their fried pork with green onions & onions which contained delicious fried garlic chips.


All of their fried noodles are solid items on the menu that world be well cooked in both South Asia & Taiwanese fusion style and seasoned just fine.



Their take-out special is fried pork chop with rices. There’s a huge portion of stewed pork with rices under the big pork chop. It costs USD.2.33. It seemed a too big portion for girls but a satisfied portion for any big guys.


MeiYan Restaurant owned the best quality-price ratio before entering Taiwan Taroko National Park. If you tried to rent a car,a motorcycle or a bike to go to Taroko National Park,that’s your perfect take-out choice on the road.

旅客資訊 Info for tourists:

美艷小食堂 MeiYan Restaurant


No.57, Xinxing Rd., Xincheng Township, Hualien County 971, Taiwan

Tel: 0975326418

營業時間:Opening Hours 10:30–19:30

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