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🥢駕駛專屬暖食, 🚉新市豬腳飯 Comfort foods for drivers at Xinshi Trotters Restaurant of Tainan, Taiwan



Taiwanese stewed trotters is a traditional dish that you could find it everywhere in Taiwan.

But there’re something else in Xinshi Trotters Restaurant of Tainan, a comfort & heart warming atmosphere in this place.


Xinshi is an industrial area without tourist attractions near Tainan. Only hard workers,drivers and businese men will come to eat at Xinshi Trotters Restaurant.


The restaurant will amaze you with the portion of a set of stewed trotters. Every side dishes are seasoned with the pork bone broth that gives you a great punch in mouth. And my favorite side dish was the stewed radish.


They also served a great Tainan style dumplings soup.There’re two special ingredients in this soup. Fragrant-flowered garlic lifts the soup up and the deep-fried dough sticks mixed all the good aroma of the pork bone broth.


The opening hours of Xinshi Trotters Restaurant is 08:00–19:00. A lot of cargo truck drivers will come for breakfasts.

These hard working people hardly make any noise here but only focu on the great meal to start their hard working day.

The sound of eating here in the morning is almost a beautiful symphony of life.


Xinshi Trotters Restaurant served comfort foods for drivers. They will order the set of stewed trotters and they can get their rices and the pork juice refilled for free.

You won’t get any better chance to eat and breathe with these people.

🍲古早排骨湯、菜飯🍚,私藏暖食 Stewed pork ribs & white radish Soup served with Vegetable rices , My Private…

旅客資訊 Info for tourists:

新市豬腳 Xinshi Trotters Restaurant


№177–1, Zhongshan Rd., Xinshi Dist., Tainan City 744, Taiwan

Tel: 06 599 6442

營業時間:Opening Hours 08:00–19:00

Gourmet foods , sweets , coffee or


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