Kyle Chu 微風捕手
Kyle Chu 微風捕手

🍺湘南啤酒,放浪不羈海風味 🌊 Shonan beer, the Reckless taste of sea breeze


🍺湘南啤酒,放浪不羈海風味 🌊 Shonan beer, the Reckless taste of sea breeze


When I first set foot on the Enoshima Bridge, I was shocked; three motorcycles carrying six riders shoved a trumpet against a small car that blocked the left-turn lane. The sound was so loud that all the crow on the bridge was scared to spread their wings.


Oh, they were the famous “Shonan Riders”.


After the shock, I bought three local craft beers to taste. Shonan Beer with a slogan “Tap your potential” on the bottom of its label was my favorite one.


It tasted less bitter. Instead, there was a touch of lemony aroma, and it was a bit different under the tongue of the German Pilsner beer.

比尔森啤酒 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书
一直到十九世纪四十年代,绝大多数的捷克啤酒使用的还是较原始的 上层发酵法,酿制出的啤酒一般既暗淡又混浊,且产品的口感往往很不稳定,使顾客们经常对酒的质量抱怨不已。到了1839年,…

Pilsner - Wikipedia
The city of Pilsen began brewing in 1295, but until the mid-1840s, most Bohemian beers were top- fermented. The taste…


If you have visited wine competitions, you will know that there are blind spots in the wine competitions, professional assessments of tongues, and evaluation of the quality of alcoholic beverages between gargles, wine tastings, and occasionally tasting the side dishes (mostly sausages) provided by the organizers.


None of the wine have the ability to provide local dishes from all wine producing areas, but some wines are brewed to match the taste of local cuisine.


At night, eating the side dishes with whitebait fishes and drinking Shonan beer, thinking about the beer might need the side dishes with whitebait fishes to help to win some beer competitions.

Then I quickly turned to the official website of Kumazawa Brewing and saw the note on the website that noted “The last original distillery in Shonan”. , blue and black pages have a kind of heroic feeling.

湘南に残された最後の蔵元 - 熊澤酒造株式会社
Copyright © 2016 KUMAZAWA BREWING COMPANY. All Rights

湘南ビール - 熊澤酒造株式会社


Drink a Shonan beer and eat a seafood dishes from the Shonan area. I almost could see the image of those wide Shonan riders on the road near the shore.

Shonan beer, the Reckless taste of sea breeze.

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