Kyle Chu 微風捕手
Kyle Chu 微風捕手

🖼🍧🍾藝術甜點絕招,寶麗美術館咖啡廳 Creative Sweet treat of Cafe Tune in Pola Museum of Art


🖼🍧🍾藝術甜點絕招,寶麗美術館咖啡廳 Creative Sweet treat of Cafe Tune in Pola Museum of Art


Located in the cafés of art museums around the world, each one has a unique advantage of location: the lighting design of the external art museum building, and the art atmosphere of the exhibition collections.


However, after the visitors enjoy the exhibits, visitors have to keep the pace of consumption in restaurants, in fact, is not easy.


Pola Museum of Art collected masterpieces of Monet, Picasso, Renoir, Léonard Tsuguharu Foujita and other masters paintings artworks.

After the visitors watching the deep collection Shocked, part of the appetite could be filled with food for men. That response was reasonable.

咖啡館「TUNE」 | POLA美術館
HOME > 餐廳・咖啡館・禮品商店 > 咖啡館「TUNE」 ・三明治 720日圓 ・三明治套餐 1,650日圓 (咖啡或紅茶) ・咖啡(熱或冰) ・特製調味茶 (菩提、馬鞭草、檸檬草、薄荷、柑橘) ・拿鐵咖啡 ・卡布奇諾咖啡 ・可可…


What is the creative ingenuity of the cafe at the Pola Museum of Art named “Tune”?


On a quarterly basis according to museum curator of exhibits, the introduction of seasonal limited “combination of art dessert” course, this is the trick of Cafe Tune.

克勞德·莫內 | POLA美術館
1840年,莫內出生於巴黎,出生不久後即移居至塞納河口的港都勒阿弗爾(Le Havre)。他在此地遇見描繪海景的畫家尤金·布丹(Eugène-Louis…


In the spring of 2018, the “Tune” Café, based on Claude Monet’s 1907 painting “Water Lilies” of the collection of Pola Museum of Art launched the dessert of the same name, “Water Lilies”.


After this idea, is to make you visit the exhibition, once close to the cafe menu notices will be a curious itch to scratch is difficult, passengers have to look at a point in the end what is this Sweet treat.


With a variety of berry and cold desserts on the table, the service staff deliberately asked you to wait a bit.

Then from the side of the prepared ice bucket, remove the iced pink sparkling wine and slowly inject the pink sparkling wine.

This bowl of sweet soup immediately went into pink. With the interaction of sparkling wine and the ingredients in the bowl, colorful micro-bubbles are in a state of light. For a while, they really don’t know what to eat or what to look for.


The sour and sweet taste, with the bubbles of sparkling wine in the mouth, is a brand new dessert eating experience.


Finally, the waitress gently added a sentence: “Water Lily” is limited this season. There will be a different “limited art dessert” in the season.


Sitting in the light-flooded Art Gallery Cafe, savoring a wonderful dessert, as if seeing Monet’s smile: the water lily pond in spring, there are more mysteries.



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