Kyle Chu 微風捕手
Kyle Chu 微風捕手

🕊鳥相伴的秘境⛩圓山水神社 Water God Temple,a secret spot could enjoy the quiet at 🚉Yuanshan station Taipei


🕊鳥相伴的秘境⛩圓山水神社 Water God Temple,a secret spot could enjoy the quiet at 🚉Yuanshan station Taipei


It’s really hard to find a secret spot that you could enjoy the quiet alone in Taiwan, especially in Taipei. But Water God Temple of Yuanshan is the real quiet spot. If you choose the right time to go,there would be no one but you & …. birds.


Don’t worry about the spot would be too popular to go. Water God Temple of Yuanshan is a spot of the niche market.


1.As the spot was a Taipei official historical site,but both of its entry & the guide map sign are too small for anyone to recognize.


There’s a difficult stone steps to the spot and no toilets. No parents would take the risk to take their children walking through such a hard way to get to a spot without any playgrounds.


I saw a bird taking its walk & enjoying its quiet morning at Water God Temple of Yuanshan.


There’re two bottles of beers for the tribute wine that Taiwanese Beer is for Da Yu & Kirin Beer is for Japanese Water God. I thought it’s cool. If we all focus on keeping the respect for the nature, the world could be better.

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Water God Temple of Yuanshan built on 1938.

交通:捷運劍潭站下車,穿越中山北路進入自來水事業處陽明分處, 循左側石階步道而上;如遇假日,可從陽明分處鐵門前左側小路上山,繞過一處小菜園即可接上石階步道,全程步行約10分鐘。

Take Taipei MRT to go to Jiantan Station,

then input

“ No.82–1, Sec. 5, Zhongshan N. Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City 111, Taiwan”

into your google map.

And you’ll find the way.

(All photos took with Contax TVS + Lucky SHD100 film)


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