AnyValid's application renewal

In this article I want to give a small summary of the activities of our AnyValid validator during the last six months. I'll start with ...

Application renewal by AnyValid

Hello There, LikeCoin community!Recently, we have continued to maintain our node and Validator-Status Bot in working order.

AnyValid's application renewal

Hello everyone. This is my application for LikeCoin community delegation renewal.In recent months, I have continued to take an active part i...

AnyValid's application renewal

Hello to everyone who visited this article!For almost a year now I have been a member of the LikeCoin community and in this article I want, ...

Bulgakov | AnyValid.com Validator report

Here is a little story since I join LikeCoin community in May 2021

#ValidatorIntro - MayDay

Hello there!My name is Vlad. I am from Russia, Kursk. More than 3 years in crypto, of which more than 1.5 years I have been launching nodes.

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