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AnyValid's application renewal

In this article I want to give a small summary of the activities of our AnyValid validator during the last six months.

I'll start with the most important thing

Validator Status-Bot 2.0

In mid-June, we presented and made it possible to use our updated bot to track the status of validators. Now the bot is a little faster, smarter, more functional and more fault-tolerant

In addition to the fact that you can still bind your discord account to a specific validator in the bot to receive notifications about its status, now you can track validators statuses without binding

Validator uptime

Over the past period, our validator shows a very good uptime (close to 100%), as well as we take timely part in chain upgrades and proposals voting


For more than two years we have been validators of the network and part of the LikeCoin community

Thanks to everyone who supports us on this and the way


Website: https://anyvalid.com
Discord: vladbulgakov
Twitter: @anyvalid
Telegram: @bulgakovvlad


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