靈氣幫助鎖骨長回來 Collarbone Grows Back

靈氣幫助鎖骨長回來 Collarbone Grows Back

我很高興有機會分享這個關於靈氣變革力量的美好故事。我是一名執業的職能治療師,並在業餘時間進行私人靈氣治療。十八個月前,我鄰居 14 歲的兒子在一次摩托車事故中受了重傷。他的鎖骨嚴重骨折,且無法通過手術修復。它的鎖骨一共有 3.5 英寸部分必須被移除。很自然地,整形外科醫生告訴他和他的父母,它永遠不會再長出來,而且他的肩膀和手臂會在他的餘生中出現功能性的障礙。根據我作為治療師的經驗,我同意這一點,但願意做靈氣來加速切口和一般創傷的癒合。我在六週內每週給他兩次治療。就在與外科醫生進行六週隨訪之前,他說:“這裡有一個硬塊(指著他的切口)。你覺得是什麼?”我說那隻是疤痕組織,因為這就是我認為的全部。那天晚些時候他做了 X 光檢查,外科醫生難以置信地宣布他現在有了新的領骨!醫生想不出對此有什麼解釋。我同樣感到驚訝,因為我知道平均簡單的骨折需要六個星期才能自我修復。

我要求看“之前”和“之後”的 X 光片,它們是無可爭議的。 (我還看到了男孩在冰箱裡留作紀念品的原始鎖骨的切除部分。)從那時起,我獲得了這些 X 光片的副本,並在我所有的課堂上展示,並已將它們提交給各個醫學委員會醫院以支持靈氣。這些 X 射線已經做了很多來驗證醫學界,靈氣的影響。自從我的介紹後,當地醫院(公立醫院,因為所有醫院都在加拿大)同意讓我開始一個為期六個月的試點項目,為支持治療的單位提供靈氣治療。

我強烈敦促靈氣練習者在靈氣干預後出現顯著變化時收集 X 光片、血液檢查等訊息與資料。這將真正有助於使非信徒更相信這種形式的治療。










Collarbone Grows Back

I’m so glad to have the opportunity to share this wonderful story of the transformative power of Reiki. I am a practicing occupational therapist and have a private Reiki practice in my spare time. Eighteen months ago, my neighbor’s 14-year-old son was badly hurt in a motorbike accident. He severely fractured his collarbone, so that it could not be surgically repaired. A 3.5-inch section of it had to be removed. Naturally, the orthopedic surgeon told him and his parents that it would never grow back and he would have a dysfunctional shoulder and arm for the rest of his life. I concurred with this from my experience as a therapist, but offered to do Reiki to speed up the healing of the incision and the general trauma. I gave him two treatments per week over six weeks. Just before his six week follow-up with the surgeon, he said "There’s something hard here (pointing to his incision). What do you think it is?" I said it was just scar tissue since that was all I thought it could be. He had a x-ray later that day, and the surgeon incredulously announced that he now had a new-collar bone! The doctor could think of no explanation for this. I was equally amazed, since I know that the average simple fracture takes six weeks just to mend itself.

I asked to see the "before" and "after" x-rays and they were indisputable. (I also saw the removed section of the original collarbone that the boy kept as a souvenir in his freezer.) Since then I have obtained copies of these x-rays and show them at all my classes and have presented them to various medical committees at the hospital, in support of Reiki. These x-rays have done a lot to validate to the medical profession, the effects of Reiki. Since my presentations, the local hospital (publicly funded, as all hospitals are in Canada) has agreed to let me start a six-month pilot project to provide Reiki on the palliative care unit.

I strongly urge Reiki practitioners to gather information such as x-rays, blood tests, etc., whenever they show significant changes after Reiki intervention. It will really help in making this form of treatment more believable to unbelievers.

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Cecile Petra


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