靈氣與胃癌 Reiki And Stomach Cancer

【靈氣與胃癌 Reiki And Stomach Cancer】

尊敬的威廉先生: 我的岳母最近在一個緊急的手術後住院。在她的胃附近發現了一個侵襲性的癌性腫瘤,這使得她無法進食並變得痛苦。醫生插了一根管子,並給她靜脈注射。他們的預測是,如果沒有胃管或靜脈注射,她將永遠無法進食。她躺在醫院裡,並感到非常痛苦。嗎啡的劑量也受到限制,因為醫生擔心它可能會干擾她艱難的康復狀態。我乘坐傍晚的飛機,一到就開始對她進行靈氣治療,以糾正她的能量失衡並幫助緩解疼痛。幾分鐘後,她很高興地發現自己沒有感到疼痛并且能夠安然入睡。在接下來的五天裡,我每天都對她進行靈氣治療。醫生曾告訴我們她可能永遠無法回家,但他們驚訝地發現不僅她的切口癒合得非常快,而且她恢復到可以進食,一周內她就出院了,身體強壯到可以在家照顧自己。我可以補充一點,我岳母一直是一個傳統主義者,對任何類型的替代療法都不感興趣。我教她如何對自己施展靈氣,當她感到精力不足或有點不穩定時,她會熱情地運用自己的技能。她待在家中,照顧她的貓,吃她愛吃的一切,到目前為止,腫瘤沒有復發,或影響她的生活品質。










Reiki And Stomach Cancer

Dear Mr. Rand: My mother-in-law was recently hospitalized after emergency exploratory surgery. An aggressive, cancerous tumor was found nearly surrounding her stomach, which made eating painful and impossible. Doctor's inserted a tube and fed her intravenously. Their prognosis was that she would NEVER be able to eat without a stomach tube or IV. She lay in the hospital in enormous pain. Morphine was restricted because the doctors were concerned it might interfere with her difficult recovery. I took the evening plane and began Reiki on her as soon as I arrived to correct her energy imbalance and help relieve the pain. Within a few minutes, she was thrilled to find she was pain free and able to sleep peacefully. I performed Reiki on her every day for the next five days. The doctors, who at one point, had told us she probably would never go home, were AMAZED that not only did her incision heal incredibly quickly, but she recovered enough to ingest food and she left the hospital within a week, strong enough to care for herself at home. I might add that my mother-in-law had always been a traditionalist and was never interested in any type of alternative therapy. I taught her how to perform Reiki on herself and she enthusiastically applies her skill when she feels low in energy or a bit off center. She is home, taking care of her cats and eating everything she loves, so far without recurrence of the tumor's interference in her quality of life.

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