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The invisible champion in the public chain-Avalanche Network

From Ethereum, which entered the deflationary era, to Solana, which has an increasingly complete ecosystem, to Fantom, which has launched a huge ecological incentive plan, the major projects of the public chain track have successively made efforts in the past few months. While advancing the pace of their own development, they have also achieved price breakthroughs in the secondary market. This year is a year for the public chain to brave new heights, and Avalanche Network is no exception. Together with other public chains, it is known as the "Ethereum Killer". A few days ago, Avalanche broke the psychological barrier of 100 US dollars. The current price of AVAX is about 130 US dollars, and its market value ranks #10.

Avalanche is a new mechanism developed by Cornell University professor, computer scholar Kevin, the first author of the HotStuff consensus on the Facebook Libra protocol, Ted Yin, and IC3 co-founder Emin in 18-19. This set of mechanisms can process a large amount of information on the entire blockchain network and solve problems in a low-cost, efficient and scalable manner.

Avalanche is a phenomenon in which a piece of snow resonates and resonates in a short period of time, and its volume continues to expand, forming an avalanche. This precisely reflects that the agreement can process a large amount of information in a very short time, which is the origin of the Avalanche Network.

AVAX is its token. Avalanche is an open source blockchain platform designed for DeFi, featuring enterprise-level collaboration and high scalability. Using a breakthrough consensus protocol framework, a smart contract platform that can confirm transactions within one second, supports the entire content of the Ethereum development kit, and makes it possible for millions of complete block producers.

If one word is used to describe the current fundamentals of Avalanche, flourishing seems to be the best choice. Project quality is often an important basis for the market to judge a certain ecological development status. Over the past period of time, Aave, Curve, SushiSwap and other leading projects have successively announced cooperation agreements with Avalanche, which will be integrated into Avalanche in the near future, and will distribute 20 million US dollars, 7 million US dollars and 15 million US dollars to liquidity providers based on Avalanche Rush. Ten thousand dollars in AVAX incentives. On the other hand, as a project launched last year, it took only one year to achieve results in the top 20 in the market, which is really rare.

With the promotion of Avalanche Rush, Avalanche Network will also inherit Aave and Curve, the two agreements with the highest TVL on Ethereum in the future. With the explosive growth of TVL and tokens on Avalanche, don't forget to pay attention to its security. Ethereum's POW has been verified for a long time, while other public chains using POS still need time to verify. At present, the premiums of various public chains blooming in abundance are constantly being pushed up, but when the various reward programs are over, whether it will be a mess or continue to thrive, users themselves need to evaluate more carefully.


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