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9 articles12043 words

Erasmus Mundus CEERES 學程申請經驗分享(更新版)– 系列文(一)

前言有鑒於之前的申請分享文略為粗糙,且今年將於CEERES學程畢業,還能分享後續碩班經驗,因此決定重新整理學程分享文,幫助各位潛在未來同學們(?)多瞭解Erasmus Mundus跟CEERES學程。目前預計會把Erasmus Mundus學程分享系列分成兩大部分: 一、學程申請...

On Trauma — Campfire(1-3)

Maybe they were like campfire


On Trauma — Life goes on(1–2)

Life goes on, but trauma follows.


Counselling Diary 1

June, 14, 2022. Tuesday. I proposed to dig deep into myself to have a glimpse of the full picture to my therapist. We explored some answers ...

On Trauma — Childhood (1–1)

I still don’t understand why I ended up stucked in that situation, and I still feel ashamed. I became the person I wanted to be the least.

On Trauma

On the journey of healing from childhood trauma, I guess I have reached the point where I have to go back to face and deal with those deepest fear within me.



Erasmus Mundus Application Process EPS / EPS學程申請經驗分享


Erasmus Mundus Application Process CEERES / CEERES學程申請經驗分享

當初在找資料的時候,Dcard上有一篇分享文,已經幫大家稍微統整了介紹Erasmus Mundus獎學金的部落格們,另外還有自己申請參考的網站: 一、Dcard分享文:https://www.dcard.tw/f/studyabroad/p/226666738 二、歐洲獎學金留學...