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This term first appeared in 2006 in an article by Jeffrey Zeldman, a critic of web 2.0. Web 3.0

What is web 3.0?

This term first appeared in 2006 in an article by Jeffrey Zeldman, a critic of web 2.0. Web 3.0 represents a technological leap that has important consequences for network users. For example, it is called semantic due to the fact that:

  • Use data more efficiently.
  • It gives the user the power to have control to make the changes they want, directly modifying the databases.

This type of website is closely associated with the concept of personalization, which seeks to enrich the user experience. In addition, it offers a flow of information and organization of content adapted to our tastes and preferences.

The future Internet

The main characteristics of web 3.0 are:

Smart Searches

It seeks to create a new web page classification system that meets the needs of the user. In this way, a user will get a much more personalized experience.

Evolution of Social Networks

Social media are growing both in number and in their level of complexity and, consequently, the ways of connecting to this type of network are also increasing.


The new functionalities of this type of website require a faster Internet connection. This is why broadband connections are getting more common.

Free Content Without Copyright

Free software and creative commons licenses are common. Thus, as the information is distributed freely on the web, nobody owns it.

Connectivity and Device Integration

Personal computers are no longer the main device of users. This is thanks to the multi-functionality of mobile phones and other portable devices. This new website increases the possibilities for users to connect through different devices such as:

  • Desktops and laptops
  • Cell phones, tablets, and watches, among others

Easier Navigation

The new trends in design seek standards towards a simpler website that helps make navigability easier and improve the user experience.

Three-dimensionality and The Geospatial Web

Users can now use 3-dimensional spaces to view the web. Google Earth describes this the best way. In addition, taking into account their geographical location, they can access the available information.

How Web 3.0 Will Impact Digital Marketing

Now that you have known what web 3.0 is, it is important that why would our digital marketing be changed. This type of website is characterized by the personalization of the contents. That is, by showing the user what he likes. Therefore, this change will have a huge impact on marketing.

These techniques should be aimed at personalizing the content. For example, those responsible for a company's digital marketing need to determine which sections of the web should have dynamic content. Then you will have to decide what parameters will be taken into account when segmenting that dynamic content. This can be done:

  • Taking demographics into account
  • Analyzing user behavior on the web
  • Depending on their interests, among others


Once all this has been defined, you’ll have to measure your content marketing ROI. This way you will know if the defined strategy is profitable for the company. The Internet world is constantly evolving and to be at the top of the competition you must make changes in plans and strategies with time. 

To make this happen, get the services of a professional Digital Marketing Company Dubai so that Google will love you as well as your audience will be satisfied.

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