Cryptomoot hacked, over $30 Million worth of BTC & ETH stolen

Once again the world of crypto woke up to another devastating news of crypto hacks. said Thursday that hackers had breached its security systems earlier this week and stole more than $30 million worth of bitcoin and ethereum.

“Unauthorized withdrawals totaled 4,836.26 ETH, 443.93 BTC and approximately US$66,200 in other currencies,” said in the blog post., the cryptocurrency exchange known for it’s aggressive marketing campaigns starring Matt Damon said that in total 483 customer accounts were affected by the online theft. The hackers managed to successfully bypass the two-factor authentication. claims to have fully reimbursed all it’s customers already. The identity of the hackers remain still in dark but it is said that the breach took place on Monday. The news of breach was shared after three days of the event. CoinDesk reported on Wednesday that around 4600 Ethereum stolen from were laundered on Tornado Cash – An Ethereum mixer.

Suspicious activity

Following reports from user accounts on suspicious activity, reportedly halted operations for withdrawals.

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The exchange said that the funds were safe, but one user quickly reported on his stolen ETH and questioned the 2FA bypass. 2FA is used across crypto industry and it’s one time pass. But after a breach of this level raises questions on it’s security.

The news hit the share price of and fell by about 6%.

Sources: CBS NEWS

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