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[House Inspection List] What are there? How to inspect a new house | Used house | Pre-sale house?

What are the must-know [home inspection checklist] for buying a house?

Buying a house is a major event in life. I finally saved the down payment to buy the first house in my life. After completing the purchase procedures for a new house, the "home inspection" before handing over the house is the last step of buying a house. If the buyer does not conduct a home inspection, they will find out that there is a problem after moving in. If they encounter an unscrupulous builder, they will ignore it after the sale, resulting in consumer disputes. Therefore, it is relatively important to find a qualified [home inspection company], because Our home inspectors will present a home inspection checklist for homeowners' reference. If you encounter major defects, it will take some time to repair, so the inspection may not be completed in a short time, which will delay the handover process. Hand over the house retention money, and the final payment will be paid after the builder has completed the repairs.

What are the differences between pre-sale houses, new houses, and old houses?

There are all kinds of products on the market. Although real estate focuses on the location, the prices of pre-sale houses, new houses, and old houses for inspection vary greatly. Therefore, it is more necessary to distinguish the different products. Pre-sale houses refer to the fact that the builder has obtained the building license, but the construction has not been completed, so the "buildings to be completed in the future" are sold. Usually, the builders will commission a consignment company to build a reception center and a sample house to show what the construction will look like in the future, so what they sell is a kind of "imagination of the future". When a consumer signs a contract with a builder, he usually does not pay the down payment in full, but pays gradually according to the progress of the project, so there is less pressure on the funds to be paid in the early stage. A new existing home is usually an existing home that has not been occupied within one year of completion. Medieval houses refer to houses that have been resold or sold more than once, or houses that have been constructed and have been licensed for more than three years. Usually, old houses are circulated in the intermediary market. Because the fees of various home inspection companies are not consistent, choosing a suitable [home inspection] becomes the key.

For new existing houses, the construction quality of each builder will also be different, so the quality of the builder's brand is distinguished from here. The house prices of builders with good brands will be higher. This is because their after-sales service and acceptance system are strictly controlled, so the buyer has a higher sense of trust in the builders; bad builders have a loose house inspection system in order to save money. The acceptance cost will not be inspected in detail for the construction quality of the building. I just want to quickly hand over the house and transfer the property to get the buyer's money. Qualified 【Home Inspection Company】 requires a home inspector to put forward a list (form), so professional home inspection is a very important part.

How to inspect (inspect) a new existing house? Understand the construction quality of the builder

① Door:

Is the key switch smooth and the handle loose?

Can the cat's eyes see clearly outside the door?

Whether the gap between the door and the ground is too large

Whether the door leaf switch is smooth and there is no noise

Whether the door leaf is stained as a whole


Does the window brand match the contract?

Is the closure good?

Can it be locked tightly

Is it smooth to open

Are window frames and walls really filled with Silicone

Is the balcony grille stable?

Whether the overall window frame is stained

③Heaven, earth and wall:

Whether the paint is smooth

with or without cracks

Whether the floor tiles are expanded arch

Are the floor tiles hollow?

Whether the floor tiles are spliced

Whether the color of the floor tiles is the same

④ Electromechanical:

Is the electric box door switch normal?

Is the wiring in the box neat?

Whether the circuit marking is consistent with the actual

Whether the socket panel is defective

Is the power supply normal?


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