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mizuno Mizuno protective shoes

For those who are immersed in work all day long, there is often no concept of time for the replacement of old shoes, and safety is also compromised. Now, Nice Life, which has won the general agent in Japan, has produced a mizuno Mizuno protective shoe, so that you can go to work safely and move around all day without getting tired!

If you enter the working environment of the factory construction site, a pair of work shoes with effective and reliable protection is necessary.

A comfortable and easy-to-walk safety shoe must have the following points:

【Anti-slip】The rubber outsole conforms to the PB-SRC standard, with a good anti-slip effect. Walk faster, don’t be afraid of wet and oily ground, walk quickly, be bold and confident, and don’t be cautious. The material used is good, and the sole is not easy to crack.

【Special protection of the toe cap】Shoes are the easiest to laugh at. A pair of high-quality work shoes will make you unable to laugh. Rigorous and serious attitude artificial leather reinforcement protects your toes. The toe protection sheet can pass through the metal safety door, allowing you to shuttle factory production. Homework will not be forcing.

【Anti-dust】Specially designed for grinding flying debris, using artificial leather style, dust is not easy to penetrate.

[Exclusive design] Wearing shoes is most afraid of the end of the life of the shoes. We all know that tires have a “lifeline”. Nice life mizuno Mizuno protective shoes and shoes also have a “curved groove design”. If the outsole is worn to the safety line position in the groove, the You can know when your shoes should be replaced with new ones, make appropriate and considerate reminders, and be a good steward of your shoes.

[Easy to put on and take off] Efficiently go to work without being entangled by shoelaces! Strong felt devil felt, fast on and off, the shoe mouth is lined with artificial leather skin-friendly, the last important point must be passed

【National Security Certification】

In addition to the above-mentioned mizuno Mizuno protective shoes have all done, and can go beyond!

What kind of person is suitable for owning?

The honest man who pursues durability

Trendy people who want to look stylish

Hari people who like Japanese products

As long as you buy it at NICE LIFE, you can enjoy a three-month warranty and a discounted trade-in service.

This is the only thing we can do!


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