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【Chartered Car Tour】|【Brands of Babysitters】 Recommended-Fleet Light Travel High-quality Babysitters~

Remember the joyous atmosphere of the graduation trip in a small country? There is a driver carrying a car full of laughter, everyone can eat snacks and watch movies together,

How do you relive that joy when you grow up? The answer is chartered travel!

The car brand is worth recommending. Whether it is a large group trip or a small group activity with three or five friends, it is suitable for chartered travel. Large groups save money. Small groups can take turns driving long distances without being crowded in cramped minibuses. Everyone can keep it when they arrive at their destination. Make the most of your energy to enjoy the trip!

Still no concept of chartered travel? Here’s a list of the benefits of chartered cars and a suitable itinerary!

When traveling in small groups, you can have a relatively spacious space. No matter the seats, equipment, windows, etc. in the nanny car are better than self-use passenger cars, when the driver is concentrating on driving, passengers can sing or sleep soundly!

Some people will ask, then why don’t I just rent a car? The difference between a chartered tour and a rental car is that there is a professional driver to drive, so that everyone does not have to worry about the twists and turns of the journey, and will not fall into the impatience of complaining about each other when trapped in the car; after arriving at the destination, there is no need to worry about the remote parking space, and the driver While taking care of the vehicle, it will also be responsible for cleaning the interior of the vehicle.

It is especially suitable for small groups who want to run more than two attractions in one day! From outside wedding photography to two days and three nights in Huadong, and even the itinerary around the island, you can plan a good route and let the driver accompany you all the way~ In recent years, bicycle travel has emerged. If beginners are afraid that their physical strength will not be able to bear, they can find a few more companions to book a nanny car. In addition to the fixed-point rest, after a day of riding, you can directly take the car back to your hotel to rest.

Having said so much, everyone wants to know where to make an appointment, right?

Why is the nanny car brand worth recommending-Fleet Light Travel Team?

From a 44-seater bus to a luxury 9-seater nanny car, it can be said that as long as you want to play, you can find a car! The professional drivers hired have many years of experience and are regularly assessed. As long as there is inappropriate behavior, they will no longer be assigned. At the same time, each car has a passenger liability insurance of 5 million per person, putting passenger safety first. Fleet Light Travel requires every driver to ensure that the car is in good condition and the interior of the car is clean and tidy before departure, and to be familiar with the route of the day, so that the passenger’s journey has a good start. For customers who “only know that they want to go out on vacation, but don’t know what to play”, Fleet Light Travel also has a customer service editor to provide intimate popular itinerary suggestions, or list surrounding attractions for an attraction that customers particularly want to visit. Customized exclusive play itinerary. For those with a budget, don’t worry, the chartered car fees and details of the fleet light travel are transparent, helping customers to ensure that every cent spent on a beautiful journey is worth it!

Still worried about how to plan a small group trip during the holidays? Press the button below to chat with the customer service of Fleet Light Travel!


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