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Taichung Venue Rental

Newly recommended TOP SPACE [Taichung Venue Rental|Rental] Meeting rooms, classrooms, offices, 6 minutes walk from Taichung Railway Station, recommended TOP SPACE Taichung venue rental, exhibitions, gatherings, small spaces, parties, performance venues, business centers, If you are looking for a venue to rent 10 people, 200 people, 100 people, 60 people, 40 people, 20 people, conference rooms, office rentals, shared offices, classroom venue rentals, mobile office rentals, venue rentals, the environment is bright and the equipment is brand new! In addition, we provide registration service by location.

Taichung venue equipment introduction:

The latest wireless amplification equipment: wireless microphone, loudspeaker, a full range of multimedia teaching environment.

Provide students with a variety of comfortable seats.

Various projectors.

Whiteboard, independent light switch.

The latest equipment configuration, fully functional.

WIFI wireless network, master cloud teaching resources.

Taichung Venue Rental|Rental Type:

Rental venue service area: Taichung venue rental | rental

Venue rental number: Taichung venue rental 200 people, venue rental 10 people, venue rental 60 people

Conference Room Rental: Conference Room Rental near Taichung Railway Station, Small Meeting Room Rental, Conference Venue Rental, Seminar Venue, Lecture Venue Rental

Classroom Rental (Small Classroom Rental): Classroom near Taichung Railway Station, Taichung Dance Classroom Rental, Classroom Rental, Classroom Sub-rental, Small Classroom Rental, Handmade Classroom Rental, Hourly Rental Classroom

All kinds of office rental, space rental, event venues, if you are looking for a venue? Please select TOP SPACE venue rental: "Mobile Office", "Shared Office", "Rental Venue", "Studio Rental", "Photography Venue Rental", "Briefing Session Rental", "Press Conference", "Birthday Celebration Venue Rental"


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