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一些關於筆記系統中 Tag 還有 Backlink 的討論 (中、英)

1. 在做科學文獻筆記時,你是如何使用標簽和反向鏈接的?

首先,我也還在發展這些想法,所以我最近沒有新的視頻。 下面所有的內容只是我目前的想法。

對於期刊文章,我現在可能會使用標簽。 另外,我會在一開始就為某個項目或論文創建一個新的vault,並開始在vault中以及在我的Zotero中抓取與我所關註的主題有關的資源。

我以前不喜歡標簽,但我發現標簽最近可以顯示在層次結構中,而且可以計算你目前使用該標簽的次數用以提示其重要度。 這點非常有用(感謝之前Roundup 時 Juneday的分享),因為你可以對標簽有一個總體的了解,而 "反向鏈接 "的用戶界面對我來說包含了太多的信息。


2. 你是否對標簽和反向鏈接都使用相同的名稱?





i. 你可以隨時將反向鏈接鏈接到不同的文章,以連接筆記。它作為線索,讓你知道筆記或想法的來源。這對你組織參考資料很重要。

ii. 在消化了標簽系統的內容後,做出自己的 "整合性筆記"。然後用反向鏈接將所有的整合性筆記連接到最終的輸出。

4. 你有沒有用obsidian寫新的文章來鏈接連接(使用Graph view)? 如果有,可以把現有的筆記嵌入到文章中?

說實話,我很少使用Graph view。 正如我提到的,我會為某個項目或我專註的論文創建一個新的vault。 所以基本上我知道文件或資源在vault中的所有位置。

Dear friend

Thanks for sending me this e-mail.

1. How do you use Tags and Backlinks when taking scientific literature notes? 

First of all, I am still developing these ideas too so I haven’t had a new video recently.

All the contents below are just my current thinking.

For journal article, I am likely to use Tags now. 

Also, I will create a new vault for a certain project or paper I am focusing in at the very first beginning and start to grab resources relate to the topic I am focusing on in the vault as well as in my Zotero library.

I don’t like tags before but I find out that tags can have shown in the hierarchy recently and it can count how many tags you used. 

This is super useful because you can have a general view of tags while the user interface of “backlinks” contains too much info for me.  

While I read other reference papers, I will quickly tag things and keep the focus on the current content and after I digest all papers I will get a lot of tags and also the numbers of how many tags I have just tagged. Next, I will try to organize all the tags into several new notes that can help me organize my thinking. Then, just keep refining your thoughts and generate new notes. You can use mind map tools or diagram tools for example Markmind, diagram plugin in obsidian to help you organize the structure.

2. Do you use the same names (e.g. Metabolism) for both Tags and Backlinks? 

"Next, I will try to organize all the tags into new notes that can help me organize my thinking” so the name might be different between tags and backlinks.

3.How do you differentiate Tags and Backlinks for your system? 

Tags: clues to categories, classification of your adventure in research papers.

Backlinks: Two different situations using backlinks.

i. You can always link backlinks to different articles to connect notes. It serves as the clue for you to know where the notes or ideas come from. It’s important for you to organize references.

ii. Make an "insight note” after digesting the tag system's contents. Then connect all the insight notes to the final output using backlinks.

4. Have you used Obsidian to write new articles linking the connections (using graph view)? — if so, write can you embedded existing notes into the news article?

Honestly, I rarely use graph view.

As I mentioned I will create a new vault for a certain project or paper I am focusing on.

So basically I know all the locations of the papers or resources in the vault.

5. Have you heard Research Rabbit? This seems cool to gets hand dirty. 

Yes and I think it will change many things in the future.

I might try to use it soon.

It will be a game-changer.

Looking forward to hearing from you too.


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