Meta cosmic system -- Human ultimate system

Meta cosmic system -- Human ultimate system

(reference draft of the "Charter of the United Nations" for the meta universe)

In the meta universe system, human beings should move from "democracy" to "intelligent leadership", that is, advocate intelligent governance led by intelligent groups, and gradually use unmanned intelligent system to assist leadership, which also opens the ultimate system of human beings for the real world.

Based on the reality of various regimes and countries in the real world, the vast majority of countries choose the Western regime for reform or transformation, but the inherent and increasingly obvious defects of the Western regime have become the reason for some people to attack, reject or doubt. This has also led to the election of leftists who tolerate authoritarian and autocratic governments in western countries in recent years, which is the manifestation and reason of many voters' loss of confidence and rebellious psychology. Moreover, the defects of the western modern regime include: it is difficult to produce the best decision-making, and most of them are compromise schemes after intentional confrontation, which makes it easy for voters with poor governance to lose confidence; Consortia and business giants have too much influence on politics; The decision-making of opposing political parties in power in turn is easy to turn over and over, waste people and money, and the confusion before and after the election makes it easier for voters to lose confidence; Not just a few people, but several parties and groups compete for the highest power. Strong confrontation is easy to tear the society apart and disappoint the voters; In addition, the image, eloquence and financial role of the campaign are biased, which is not conducive to knowledgeable theorists and candidates without financial support from large consortia; Most talented but not eloquent candidates are easily defeated by candidates who are only good at image and eloquence, and so on; The western style regime has completely failed in countries such as Iraq and can not solve the problem of multi-party and multi sectarian peaceful governance; And a ready-made panacea, the most advanced politician and leftist of the political media in the West and even the rest of the world, is secretly bought by the ultra leftist organizations and the most common left-wing corruption. It not only buys and sells a number of Chinese mainland officials, but also buys and draws large numbers of top officials in the world for a long time. For example, several important officials such as the United Nations and its human rights organizations, who, two political parties in the United States and VOA have been bribed to defend or serve corrupt rule. The US political arena has been corrupted and bought by the extreme left, which has a great potential to completely subvert the US system. The black and evil party politics makes the dark and ugly events one after another, all for the purpose of attacking political enemies and for their personal and party interests, abandoning principles and ignoring national interests; The election year is more prone to street riots, smashing and looting, which can be described as the international version of "Cultural Revolution" 2.0; the politics dominated by global political parties has collapsed, and after the adverse consequences of the U.S. constitutional crisis, there will be a fever of "new deal in the meta universe".

Therefore, the western system is not an ideal system that benefits the country and the people. The western system must be reformed and improved, which requires more attention to the development of the examination and supervision of the separation of five powers by Sun Yat Sen, the father of the country. Reform the western style system. All political parties and associations are not involved in the discussion of state affairs. The combination of China and the West has optimized the separation of five powers, universal suffrage, imperial examination and wise rule. In addition, the United States has an unlimited spread of mixed race national gray race. The result is obvious. In a few years, there will be no white, yellow and black people in the United States. Eventually, they will be "gray" hybrids. When pure people disappear, one country can still promote it, while other countries cannot promote it. Protecting species on the earth, especially human beings, is a top priority for mankind, aiming to create a colorful and perfect ideal future for mankind. Therefore, it also proves that the "American model" is not the best example

For the sake of human peace, the meta universe system should advocate: adhering to "truth, goodness and beauty", the highest and most basic "universal value" of mankind so far; All explosive killing weapons, including bombs, nuclear bombs, missiles, bullets and guns, are prohibited. Everything needs peace, everything is based on science and everything is for development. With the development of civilization and education, the meta universe system combines the rule of law with morality and reason. The existence of the rule of law aims to maintain public morality, and combines the rule of law with morality and reason, that is, the rule of law and morality, and the treatment of symptoms and root causes; The combination of people and scholars, public opinion and academic theory, such as the combination of citizen direct election and scholar imperial examination; With the combination of eastern and Western civilizations and the essence of all ethnic cultures, the new century of the yuan universe system has been created. It is widely hoped that great changes should be made in a peaceful transition to avoid paying huge social costs and heavy costs, and that changes should stop bloodshed. The best choice is to implement the meta universe system, which is welcomed and accepted by more people on the left, incomplete westernization and the combination of China and the West.

The combination of China and the West optimizes the separation of five powers, and the wise people with high intelligence who really implement the power of examination govern the country. All political parties and associations participate in the discussion of state affairs and are not in power. It is also the only powerful argument in the world to deny the overall westernization, and optimize the reform and improvement, which can even be described as the meta cosmic system to save the modern western regime. The yuan universe system implements the "three government co governance" system of scholar assisted democracy, with decentralization as the means and co governance as the purpose. Its structure is summarized as follows:

1, Reform the separation of five powers and the western style separation of three powers proposed by Dr. Sun Yat Sen into a "three government cooperation system": (1) the functions of the "executive government" (hereinafter referred to as the official government) elected by the people after the new imperial examination are similar to those of the Western style administration; (2) the functions of the "legislative government" (hereinafter referred to as the parliamentary government) elected by the people without the new imperial examination are similar to those of the western style parliament; (3) In the new imperial examination, the "academic government" (hereinafter referred to as the scholar government) with multiple checks and balances does not need to be elected by the people. The academic government includes the right to survival of education institutes and medical institutes; the property rights of cultural relics institutes, private property institutes and resource Institutes; the Academy of Sciences A loosely integrated academic government is formed by the examination power of the Moral Education Institute and the examination institute (including the reward and punishment of public morality and think tanks); the judicial power of the Inspection Institute, the clean government institute and the court; and the supervisory power of the media Institute, the integrity Institute and the Supervision Institute. Therefore, the academic government also has a small part of highly professional administrative functions and some Western-style parliamentary Senate functions.

2. The term of office of each government is four years, the general election of the executive government and the deliberative government is once every four years, and the new imperial examination is once every two years. Those who take part in the imperial examination must be doctoral candidates from famous universities within the specified scope of qualification examination such as physical examination, integrity and criminal record. They can take part in the imperial examination for up to three times regardless of whether they have served in the imperial examination. The subjects of the new imperial examination are administration, management, political science, law and economics, with auxiliary questions, that is, all many disciplines. The new imperial examination is an examination of questions exceeding the limit number and scope, and a talent IQ test (this talent IQ test is gradually deepened with the development of high technology).

3. Gradually introduce a refined, fair and efficient "voting share" system, that is, for all important business voting such as election referendum and proposal voting, the different and changing "shares" of each person's vote each time, which depend on the right and wrong results and are counted by the computer, and are recorded in the items of integrity and qualifications. Make all important votes more careful and cautious, especially more effective. The imperial examination, general election, political performance statistics, new deal evaluation and voting share should fully follow and make use of the resources and role of the rapidly developing technology to continuously improve the management level of the new deal. The final transformation to the whole society management depends on the unmanned intelligence system, that is, mankind is bound to move from democracy to the dominance of the wise, and from the dominance of the wise group to the dominance of the unmanned intelligence system.

4, Chief executive of the executive government“ (also the supreme commander of the military and police) the two earliest candidates who won the first place in the imperial examination and applied for the election of chief executive are candidates for chief executive. They are independently combined into two groups of running partners in the first place in the imperial examination. They are protected by the chief executive level, and then the chief and deputy chief executive are elected by the national election. The two groups draw their own best election platform on the combination of political issues of various political parties and associations and submit it to the people's vote for selection. The chief executive can compete at most Re elected for one term; After winning the list in the second and third imperial examinations, he can be re elected in the general election. The principal and Deputy government officials at lower levels shall be appointed by the chief executive from among the people who have passed the imperial examination at each session and passed through the procedures. They can be dismissed, but there is no limit on the number of re appointments. Other officials are appointed by the chief executive of the bank.

5. After the chief executive is elected, he resigns from the posts of the original associations, parties and sects. The administration does not have the prejudice of associations and sects, and flexibly selects all the best decisions of not only one party and one party debated by all parties and sects as needed, that is, the combination of various topics of political parties and associations without party color and ideological orientation to form the best political platform.

6. Candidates from all parties, factions, associations or individuals can run for "members of parliament" after qualification verification. After being elected by voters, there is no need for imperial examination, and there is no limit on the number of elections. The "speaker" and the "deputy speaker" are elected by the members of the current session of the parliamentary government, and the number of members participating in the "joint meeting" is equivalent to that of other organizations.

7, Academic government "gentleman" ", presidents, examiners, prosecutors, judges and other dignitaries shall be ranked by those who have passed the new imperial examination, i.e. the elites on the list. They can be classified into files according to the subject scores and auxiliary subject scores of the new imperial examination, and can be volunteered to file in accordance with the doctoral majors obtained by the original famous universities or the work majors they are engaged in. They can take office after the ranking is processed by the computer according to the specified order. There is no need for the people The election is not appointed by the chief executive, and it does not include all the decisions of various cases that need to be decided by the "joint meeting". The important members of the academic government in each field leave their posts after a term of office of four years. They can only be re elected after re ranking in the imperial examination. After leaving their posts, they can return to academic government sages and accept other appointments.

8. Legislative proposals can be put forward by a simple majority of all governments, which will participate in the review. The final ruling on major cases such as constitutional amendment, referendum initiation, impeachment and resignation and delisting of presidium members shall be put forward by at least two governments, presided over by the chairman, and passed by two-thirds of the "joint meeting";

9. The members of the presidium are senior officials without power. The chairman is the recently retired chief executive and the vice chairman is the recently retired deputy chief executive. After the term of office expires, the chairman and vice chairmen of the Presidium and other outgoing "officials", the outgoing "speaker" and the outgoing "gentleman" are senior officials of the presidium for life. The Bureau exercises the functions of ceremonial Messenger, independent investigation and voting on extraordinary cases.

10. The yuan universe system is a "three type election system" with the separation and combination of popular election and imperial examination. It is not only in line with public opinion but also standardized in academic theory. It is not only compared and intertwined for optimization, but also conducive to the opportunities for talented theorists and eloquent activists and both excellent talents to make brilliance and contributions. The popular election and imperial examination of this system are not limited by age, surname, region, nationality, party, wealth, image and eloquence. They are fair and reasonable, which is much stronger than the modern Western election.

11. The yuan universe system is "scholar assisted democracy". In reality, so far, democracy is dominated by those powerful parties and interest groups. The sages who stand out through the imperial examination and popular election in the yuan universe system are the representatives of public opinion and theory, not the representatives of a political party, Association, sect or interest group. Thus, from the leading of the wise group to the leading of the unmanned intelligent system.

12. All ethnic groups and regions with their own characteristics have full autonomy. As long as there are wise people in the smallest ethnic group or region, there is the greatest chance of producing officers, speakers of Parliament and politicians, which is much more likely than the current Western-style election, highlighting equality and justice.

It is reasonable for the party not to be in power and the army not to be in politics. The yuan universe system is easy for peace in the world, so as to avoid social tear and coup turmoil in reality. This meta cosmic system of incomplete party politics with the integration of China and the West and the rule of wise people with high IQ is a milestone for mankind to truly enter the new century of peace and civilization. The meta universe system will lead to the ultimate system of mankind - from "democracy" to "wise man leading" and finally to unmanned wisdom system leading!

Drafter: Xiao Shizi

2021.12. twenty-two

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