Grapefruit, Szechuan pepper Coffee

From Fika Fika cafe.

柚柚本柚, fika fika cafe

I don't drink coffee, or should I say, the times of me drinking coffee are rare.
Super rare.

So the below statements are not comments, definitely not. It is more like words of dreams.
A fantasy. Been sketched, exaggerated, or even over-decorated?
Anyway, not real.
Of course, I write with sincerity.
Just like what I've stated in my first article. Everything here is more than a reality. I hide behind the screen and write wherever the mood and dream is.


The flavor is edgy. It doesn't give you much time to contemplate.
Every sip is a drop of bomb.

Every first second of encounter, the flavor I sense has made it to its final journey in the quickest seconds. Much like a fulfillment of a perfect circle.
So fast that before I blink, I find myself standing at the final destination.

Every taste is declaring its existence. Hard to ignore.

The grapefruit in the coffee plays the role of surprise.
So I get a sip, Boom! Catch a slice of grapefruit, Surprise! Boom.Surprise.Boom. Surprise.
The sensation is affluent.
The journey is colorful.

The drink doesn't soothe you. It is not something suitable when you feel relaxing.
The drink is more like a candle light of a hint of someones own present existence.
Edgy. A little lonely. Subtle.

By the way, I love Szechuan pepper. I like it so much that I used to pick up pepper in the cuisine and smash if with my teeth, and start waiting to be thrilled by a mouthful of numbness. Not the usual numbness we sense through extremities after long compression, but the pepper- numbness.

The drink here I have, I smelled before I digged in.
It is a smell of Szechuan pepper and spicy oil, so abundant that I feel like rushing out of the cafe and go get myself a bowl of spicy Szechuan noodle. HaHa.
Love it.

A clever move of bringing coffee and Szechuan pepper together.
Round of applause.

Liked the vibe in the cafe. Chill. Happy.
Maybe that's because I haven't been out for like forever.
I feel like I just came out from some cave hidden in the center of nowhere. The vibe is refreshingly familiar and sadly new.

I feel young. As a conclusion.
Which is good. I like to feel young.

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