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Body is the root of soul

I can't appreciate enough to my immune system.

I was really sick yesterday, so sick that I can barely standing or talking to people ,I have no choice but to ask to go home. I felt so terrible when I was lying on my bed . I thought back about why I caught the cold is probably over -exercise (I rode for 5 hours )and didn't wear enough clothes in the diner etc. Most importantly, I told the story of bring defamed and humiliated online to one of my friends, the mental stress must have hit me hard again and somehow affected my immune system.

When I was lying on bed, thinking about my absent of work, people who hated me and hurt me so much ,the upcoming package sent by an unknown person( I can't stop assume it's from the police ,the judge or the government or those who hates me ) those passive ideas just make me feel worse .I don't know what I did that deserve all of these bad experiences happened to me .

I know life is not always sunny and rainbow, maybe I was protected too well by my family that something might seems tiny to others could traumatize me like this .I truly wish I can be a tough character who can easily get through this or defend myself in front of the public. But I wasn't the tough villain in my head and any idea related to revenge or fight just exhausted me . All I want is peace and love .

After almost 20 hours of sleep, I felt much better, and as stronger my body feels, the more mental strength I am receiving. I am so surprised by how quickly my immune system has beaten all those viruses and rebuilt my inner health. I feel so touched by imagine all my white cells were fighting for me all day yesterday and want to reward them by working so hard to make me feel good. I used to underestimate the role of body compare with my soul and brain, but after this severe battle inside my body, I realise a good body is the start of everything, a healthy body make all my free-thinking activities truly happen.

I am more than grateful to have this rather healthy body, I have seen people born with uncurable illness or struggling with all kinds of accidents. I am so lucky to survive till today and I am aware of how important to appreciate every day and be grateful of what I have, also take care of my body my soul, people who love and value me.

I will stop posting my personal information online, just to protect myself and my family. I know I can't really help people by answering questions which they have other better access to. But I will help people by meeting them in life, making their day or touching them to let them feel safe and beloved .I will reduce wasting time on unnecessary self-exposure online and focus on things that really matters.

Everything will be better, good things keep coming.

Thank you life ,thank you my body .


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