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Jolin Tsi

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Tryall 全分離乳清蛋白(環遊世界組)

最近養成運動習慣🏋️‍♀️,也重新開始喝乳清蛋白。以前是喝美國 ON 巧克力口味,但實在是太甜,後來剩下半袋沒喝完🥲最近 WFH,偶而會非常想喝飲料,尤其是珍奶,但正在減脂中😭剛好看到 Tryall 有推出奶茶系列🧋 ,口味有鴛鴦奶茶、珍珠奶茶、黑糖奶茶、鐵觀音奶茶、楓糖奶茶。

Tryall 全分離乳清蛋白(環遊世界組)

🇹🇼 台灣



🇹🇼 Taiwan


I've recently developed an exercise habit🏋️‍♀️, so start to drink protein again.

I used to drink the ON protein chocolate flavor, but it was too sweet, and then I left half a bag🥲.

Recently WFH, and occasionally want to drink bubble tea, but I lose body fat😭

I just saw that Tryall has launched milk tea🧋 series, with the taste of Yuanyang, bubble tea, black sugar, Tieguanyin tea, brown sugar, and Maple milk tea.

The first time to drink I will be afraid of too sweet, so only buy 3 tastes.

I didn't expect it to taste like regular milk tea, with a little bit of protein flavor. It's great to drink but not guilty😝

I quite like it, look forward to other flavors!



以前是喝美國 ON 巧克力口味,但實在是太甜,後來剩下半袋沒喝完🥲

最近 WFH,偶而會非常想喝飲料,尤其是珍奶,但正在減脂中😭

剛好看到 Tryall 有推出奶茶系列🧋 ,口味有鴛鴦奶茶、珍珠奶茶、黑糖奶茶、鐵觀音奶茶、楓糖奶茶。





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