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If you have decided to pursue higher education abroad, be prepared for the fact that you will have to write quite a lot of different essays. But even if you are not interested in studying abroad, when you take various exams, including TOEFL or IELTS, you may be asked to write this or that essay. We propose to understand what essays in English are like and how to write each type.

Analytical essays

Is extraessay legit? Regardless of whether you are asked to review someone's creation or an event, an analytical essay will require the ability to think critically, find commonalities and highlight differences of things and phenomena.

The structure of such an essay implies familiarity with the subject and the question it raises in the first paragraph. Form the thesis statement in this way, after which you can give your own analysis of the phenomenon and your own perception of it. In the conclusion it is worth linking all the arguments given into one conclusion.

Critical essay

Created to evaluate someone's work in any form. To give a full-fledged evaluation, you will need to indicate the strengths and weaknesses of either the subject under consideration (article, book, film, etc.) or the methods used to create it.

It is better to begin such an essay with a brief description of the work itself, its significance, and what the author intended to convey to the public. And then usually follows a detailed analysis of all aspects of the creation, explaining to what extent the author managed to achieve his goals.


Its purpose is to prove the correctness of your opinion or theory and the incorrectness of opposing views. This type can also include an essay-assertion, which aims to convince others to accept your point of view.

Accordingly, in it, you should first voice your point of view, and then already give arguments taking into account the audience that will read them.

Definition Essay

The purpose of this text is to explain a phenomenon or subject, to provide complete and versatile information, without having to convince the audience of any point of view.

In such cases, the first paragraph reveals the main point, and in all subsequent paragraphs provide facts and information with brief examples. Such an essay should end with a short and succinct conclusion of all that is said.

Narrative essay

This format assumes the most freedom, but its main task is either to inform, or to entertain, or to display something. The narrative should stimulate interest, curiosity, and "hook." Such an essay is written like a real story: it must have a plot, a setting, a certain conflict, vivid characters, and, of course, a denouement. The more lively the narrative language is, the more the reader gets involved.


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