目前是 LikeCoin Chain 验证人 Yoitsu 背后的家伙,以及 CDC/CFC 划水组成员(笑)。偶尔会变身成狐狸。( @foobarz )

LikeCoin Vaildator Intro from Yoitsu 5th

Renewal of Committee Delegation at Feburary 2024.

Hello communities, Yoitsu would like to renew committee delegatio. Here is a small summary of our's activities during last delegation round and plannings in the future.

You may visit https://www.mintscan.io/likecoin/validators/likevaloper1r4sv5ea8mhd7q2cp566sh5zvkwg8xf3xwgw6uw for more information about this validator.

Validator's Activities

  • Mainnet validator was successfully upgraded to ChungKing , the new version of the LikeCoin network along with other validators.

  • Participated proposal 75~77.

  • Mainnet and testnet node is running normally.

Operators' Activities

  • Proposals announcement bot on Discord is running normally at most times. (Except some empty proposals broke it :-)

  • Providing liquity on Osmosis with LIKE/OSMO pair.

  • Participating Community Delegation Committee works.

  • Running some private frontends. (Invidious is running on invidious.amatsu.eu.org , libreddit and Nitter were shutdown temporarily for upstream issues.)

  • Made some changes of CDC's multisig wallet guide: https://hackmd.io/@kenookamihoro/B1weqgo52 , it may appliable to other multisig wallet operators.

Future Plannings

  • Upgrade proposals announcement bot with latest library versions, If there is a demand for it, it will add on some other features as well.

  • Try of more privacy frontends and host them.

  • Provide more tutorials about LikeCoin Validator and Multisig wallets if needed,

How to delegate to me :-)

You may delegate on dao.like.cohttps://dao.like.co/validators/likevaloper1r4sv5ea8mhd7q2cp566sh5zvkwg8xf3xwgw6uw) or Keplr Dashboard .

Current commission rate

The cost of running the nodes has had an increase due to the purchase of new cloud storage to keep backups, etc. , but considering that the price of LikeCoin has also risen a bit, the commission rate remains unchanged at 50 % for the time being.

I will announce commission rate on Matters or depub.space if there needs change.


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