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Will crypto save us from this?

Decentralization might be a right direction, but it should not be just about crypto. For example, crypto could hardly be the main tool to solve the problems below.

Decentralization might be a right direction, but it should not be just about crypto. For example, crypto could hardly be the main tool to solve the problems below.

I will try to have each of my asylum daily entry consist two parts.

1. Something else that should make better content, mostly very gloom.

2. My asylum daily of some seemingly trivial matters. I hope it will either persist or prove useless.

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Asylum daily entry 6

entry 7

A checklist without description.

Description will be written below.

Methods that are employed by authoritarian. It is not a worry of the falling sky. It is upon us way before we realize.

You might also be aware of these already. There are probably many more but at least this can be a reminder or basic checklist.

Basically you can expect maliciousness from anyone, for everyone could be corrupted. But some traditionally highly respected professions might worth mentioning, e.g. (fake or real): teachers, doctors, social workers, government staff, police, lawyers, judges, and last but not least, reporters.

Monopolizing power

1. Weapon, firearms

(self explained)

2. Law and Rights

(ever experienced crime but found records such as CCTV record inaccessible?)

3. Media

(This one is huge, it is not just fake information, it is not even just selected information for you. Sometimes it just need to show up on your screen.

Also, neutralize criticism with “different viewing points” and rewrite history posteriorly.)

4. Surveillance

(Your digital devices, social platforms, people that reasonably appear in your daily life and CCTV. And then there are hidden camera which already gross, but what if some things of military grade are also used? Yes, against you and I, the common people.

Tactics and narratives are also formed with the help of the constant surveillance.))

5. Facilities

(Medical facilities, entertainment, education, you name it.)

6. Social support

(Both emotional and material.)

7. Life necessities

(import and export restriction. “Instruct” or commanding merchants.)

Social Engineering

1. Direct

(personal data, not just for direct attacks but also to set up further data extraction and, literally, to set you up.)

2. Indirect

(fake: friendship, romance (love), sex (lust), family and others, e.g.: kids, animals

3. Status: career, wealth and power

(opportunity and convenience)

4. Social pressure

(e.g.: conformity and peer sanctioning)

Psychological Warfare (mostly self explained)

1. Infiltrating the mass

 1a. Sway the direction or decision

 1b. Stir up discord

 1c. Spread fears

2. Dominating the media

 2a. Isolate people from different places

 2b. Induce hesitation

(by controlling narrative of who is lawful and/or morally correct)

 2c. Crushing faith of prospective support

Double standard

1. Moral

2. Law

(not the subconscious but the calculated ones. Intentionally support and advocate but consider one self above some norms)

Exploit good natures (self explained)

1. Exploit kindness

2. Exploit the senses of honour and duty

3. Exploit bonds between people


Asylum Daily #6

10 Sep, 2022

Today’s Lithuanian language lesson was used to talk about the history and various things of Lithuania, along with other random topics.

We were told about thirteen Lithuanian died when they went to defend their buildings that were used by their council back then. It has me once again think about if we had done enough in out struggle.

Two African joined during the latter half of the class. Their English was fluent and fast, I struggled to follow.

I was kind of surprised when one of them asked me what we did when the pandemic came after asking which country I came from. I told him about stocking food, mask and toilet paper. Apparently we are not the only ones that would laugh about hording toilet paper. I was glad that at least I could say that we were not the only ones, nor the first that stocked toilet paper. Embarrassing nonetheless.

Another topic I wasn't quite sure how it came up, but the teacher also mentioned something about psychology. One of the statements was that, if one worries having people behind him/her, it is medical condition.

The three women that told me to go to the psychologist yesterday was in the hallway when we came out from the classroom talking to the guard at the counter. Someone stayed behind overtook me and stopped to listen when I wanted to pass. But it was nothing, he moved to let me pass a few seconds after I stepped aside and waited.

Shortly after returned to my room, the three women came with the guard and told us to remove the clothes from the windows. Happened it was the guard who didn’t speak English this time (yesterday, it was a guard (another one) came to asked what the matter was and told me it was just an offer (to visit the psychologist) after talking to the women.) and one of the women told us to remove the clothes we put on the grille in simple English.

Seems that I have written a lot about today’s seemingly meaningless trivial matters. There are more actually, almost everyday. But I hope it will do for today.

11 Sep, 2022

Todays Lithuanian language lesson was used to talk about academic levels and corresponding ages, career, existing corruption and age.

Had 2 extra pieces of fish or something at dinner time.


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