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Speak for Iranian

"So it is up to us to talk for them. So it is up to us to speak for them."

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"So it is up to us to talk for them. So it is up to us to speak for them." So fking right. We common people on different parts of the world are more or less oppressed one way or another. We are helpless, we are powerless. But where we still have the abilities the others have been stripped of, we shall do their part.


I have a deep fear of the globalization of governing where the influential works together to have the common people controlled, like we are some objects or numbers in a simulation (game). Apparently there are already similar "conspriacy threories" as I have just read on the internet.


I don't want to be "anti" globalization however, actually I would like to avocate the globalism, not for the "elite", but for the common people, you and I, to work together, to help one another, to maintain and reclaim control of our life.


As another tweet reads, "It is horrible that the governments are not doing a thing when there are so many bad things happening."


We will never know why they are not acting. I am sure a lot of excuse could be used such as "it is not that simple, you common people won't understand." Right, I understand one thing though, if they cannot solve the problems, there is no point for us to outsource to them everything.


We need to take power into our own hands where it is appropriate. Take this event in Iran for example. Why should we let a government to force some of us to dress in a certain way? Why should we let them have this kind of power?


Corruption seems like inevitble where there is power. So why are we still allowing the governments to have unnecessary powers? Naive, right? It's not that we are allowing. It is that we have no say in it already. It is that we have no choice already.


It is so fken up. The systems are not working. Laws are no longer lawful. It is like a fatal error that cannot be resolved. Chance is that it is already too late for us to change anything. Unfortunately, "it is life". Our fking life. It is not a question we can give up. It is not an issue we can ignore. We have to try.


If the systems no longer work, perhaps it is time for an upgrade, or a replacement. If laws are no longer lawful and became a mere tool for the powerful, perhaps they should be trimmed, perhaps the adminstration is obsolete.


Debugging is a headache. Innovation often ends up unsuccessful. But the problem will not solve itself. This is not just politics. Politics never is just itself.


There is no such thing as politicizing something. For everything is affected by politics. From what are taught to the children at schools, what we are allowed to speak of, to what we eat, what we drink, where we live and how much we have to pay for them, one way or another.


You do not want to have anything to do with politics. But it has everything to do with you. It sounds too huge an endeavour for us little people to do anything about it? No one is suggesting you should change the world all by oneself, nor that you cannot fail on the way.


Like going green, you save a straw, I save a plastic bag. Things as tiny as these can accumulate in to something significant, if we can do it together. By the way, we will never know when and how the butterfly effect will be triggered. But for it to be possible at all, the butterfly have to flap its wings.


Do I have some grand plan here? No. But the first thing we can do is to keep this necessity of participating in mind. Hopefully one day a new system will be invented. Until then, we can at least do whatever we can. Such as for now, we can be the voice of the Iranian.


P.S.: There is something we can learn from the sanction on Russia. Stop buying from authoritarian controlled regions.



Asylum Daily

27 Sep, 2022 (5 months)

Was asked to take a wardrobe from ground floor to the room with a roommate this morning. Was asked to write my name and the ID(case number?) used at the center on a write paper after. Asked what it was for, the answer was "(something) later". Since there is a communication hardship because of language, didn't want to make it difficult for the social worker (I guess). Unfortunately it is 22:30 now, and I still don't know what it is for.


Side note: perhaps because of religion, my African roommates have islamic names.


Recently, when exercising (mostly punching sandbag), I see an increased number of people come to the gym in the park.

5 months now.


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