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3-2-1: Childlike wonder, motivation, and a strategy for generosity


3 Ideas From Me

"Deconstruction creates knowledge. Recombination creates value."




"Children are joyful and treat each day as a miracle—in part because they are continually surprised.

Each day, they hear a new word or listen to a new song or learn about a new animal. It's their first time visiting that restaurant or jumping in that pool or riding that rollercoaster. The world is continually unfolding before them.

How can you introduce more surprise into your life as an adult? How can you renew your sense of childlike wonder?"



感到無聊,很大的原因是,大腦待機了! 之前讀過一篇文章說道:“神經細胞對於訊號強度更為變化敏感”。入鮑魚之室而不聞其臭,就是這個道理,當接收到的訊號穩定沒有變化的時候,大腦就會bypass那個訊號,進入待機(自動運轉)模式,大腦沒有收到新刺激,就,無聊了!




"In the beginning, your skills are raw, your knowledge is sparse, and you lack experience. At best, you will be able to produce work that is "just okay." And even then, you'll only manage to reach "just okay" by giving your best effort.

Nobody wants to produce something that is "just okay." You'll feel like it's beneath your standards. You'll worry about what others think of you. You'll wonder whether you would be better off taking a different path. But it is impossible to reach that stage unless you are willing to work through your current stage.

And so, one of the main obstacles between who you are and who you could be is courage. The courage to keep trying even if you're not yet as good as you hope. The courage to keep trying despite your fears of what others may think. The courage to keep trying without knowing how the future will unfold.

Your great work is on the other side of your early work. The only way to be exceptional later on is to have the courage to be "just okay" right now. This is how it is for everyone."


一開始不要講究perfect,因為perfect的太遠,先從just ok,慢慢精進到ok,然後better, fine, well done, excellent,一步一步過關的打怪,最後就可以perfect🤩


2 Quotes From Others

Insurance executive and entrepreneur Art Williams on motivation:
"Almost everybody can stay excited for 2 or 3 months. A few people can stay excited for 2 or 3 years. But a winner will stay excited for 30 years or however long it takes to win."

Source: "Just Do It"



不得不的老人,在過程中消磨了激情,也消磨了意志,最終不得不繼續於公司內待著,等待退休,Work to Earn。



Journalist and writer Oliver Burkeman shares a strategy for generosity he learned from meditation teacher Joseph Goldstein:
"Whenever a generous impulse arises in your mind – to give money, check in on a friend, send an email praising someone's work – act on the impulse right away, rather than putting it off until later.

When we fail to act on such urges, it's rarely out of mean-spiritedness, or because we have second thoughts about whether the prospective recipient deserves it. More often, it's because of some attitude stemming from our efforts to feel in control of our time. We tell ourselves we'll turn to it when our urgent work is out of the way, or when we have enough spare time to do it really well; or that we ought first to spend a bit longer researching the best recipients for our charitable donations before making any, et cetera.

But the only donations that count are the ones you actually get around to making. And while your colleague might appreciate a nicely worded message of praise more than a hastily worded one, the latter is vastly preferable to what's truly most likely to happen if you put it off, which is that you'll never get around to sending that message."

Source: Four Thousand Weeks



1 Question For You

What career would you realistically pursue if you wanted the most money?
What career would you realistically pursue if you wanted the biggest impact?
What career would you realistically pursue if you wanted to have the most fun?
What career offers the best mix?




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