Git: Querying commits by date range in 1 minute

`git reflog --since [email protected]{2021-01-01} [email protected]{2021-03-30}`

Hey there, this is Thomas from Macao.

In my last video, I have shown the basic usage of the git reference log.

If we remember the commit was at a specific time, say one week ago, we can show the reference logs by time by using git reflog master{1.week.ago}. That means showing the reflog until one week ago.

On the other hand, If we want to show the reflog since a specific time, we can use `git reflog --since [email protected]{1.week.ago}`.

We can also specify a date range by combining since and until. For example, the command: `git reflog --since [email protected]{2021-01-01} [email protected]{2021-03-30}` shows where the production branch was within the 1st quarter of 2021.

This date range querying allows us to go back to a certain state of the working directory like a time machine.

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Git Reference Logs in 1 minute

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