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Validator introduction

This is my introduction for LikeCoin Proposal 12

Hi, my name is Nikolay, I am from Tver, Russia. I work a manager in a small retail company, and crypto is my hobby.

I got interested in crypto and blockchain in 2017, when it was a Bitcoin hype. For the next few years I was not really following the situation in crypto space because of downtrend. I became active in late 2019 when - it all started with Pangea validator campaign held by Binance and Harmony. Being a validator was an exciting feeling, so I decided to pay attention for more activities related with network testing.

Pangea Event

Since that time I took part in some Testnets, some of them are Avalance, NEAR and Sperax. In early 2021 I became interested in Comsos ecosystem - I thought it is rather promising, so I joined Testnets held by Desmos and Agoric and still running validator nodes.

Agoric Testnet

At some point of time I heard of LikeCoin as one of the Mainnet networks on Cosmos. I decided to learn more about the project and found out it provides a decentralized infrustructure for content creators. I could not skip such an interesting social project, so I decided to become a validator in LikeCoin network.

Hope to get a community delegation in order to keep my validator live, secure the network and vote for important proposals! My validator is:


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