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Second application for community delegation

This is my second application for LikeCoin community delegation after being a validator for about 6 months.

Here is my initial application:

For the time of being a LikeCoin validator I tried to both actively participate in on-chain governance and also help other validators.

LikeCoin Mainnet (validator link:

  1. I was never jailed during a period of being validator.
  2. Successfully upgraded my mainnet node to Fotan software version without any downtime.
  3. Voted on all on-chain proposals from Proposal #15 to Proposal #21.
  4. Deposited LIKE tokens for Proposals #17-21 (almost 30,000 LIKE in total).

LikeCoin Testnet (validator link:

  1. I keep my testnet node online since preparations for Fotan upgrade on Testnet in July 2021.
  2. Successfully upgraded my testnet node to Fotan software version without any downtime.
  3. Voted on testnet proposals #1 and #2.

Other contributions:

  1. Made a step-by-step guide to setup a LikeCoin validator (my extended version of the official guide):
  2. Also made a list of useful commands for LikeCoin validators:

Updated both guides after Fotan upgrade which made some changes to the structure of commands.

I will continue to keep my Mainnet and Testnet nodes online, participate in Governance and also provide help to other LikeCoin community members.


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