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Application for LikeCoin community delegation renewal

Hello! This is my application for LikeCoin community delegation renewal.

My contribution for the past period mostly includes chain governance and network participation.

LikeCoin Mainnet

Validator link:

  1. I was never jailed during a period of being validator.
  2. Voted on most on-chain proposals from Proposal #23 to Proposal #43.
  3. Deposited LIKE tokens for most Proposals #23-43 (170,000+ LIKE in total).
  4. Raised Community pool spend proposal about Pool incentives on Osmosis (Proposal #37: after discussion with LikeCoin community members in Discord. It was a new experience for me to raise a Proposal on-chain and I am ready to help community in raising Proposals in the future as well.
  5. Reduced commission rate from 50% to 40%.
Proposal #37

LikeCoin Testnet

Validator link:

  1. Took part in testnet-4 before it crashed.
  2. Running a validator node in testnet-5.
  3. Wrote a step-by-step guide on how to join LikeCoin Testnet:

Now I am waiting for Testnet and Mainnet network upgrade proposals pass and ready to upgrade my nodes with Cosmovisor.

I will continue to keep my Mainnet and Testnet nodes online and provide help to other LikeCoin validators. I also plan to update my guides on how to join LikeCoin Mainnet and a set of useful commands after successful migration from docker-compose architecture to systemctl in Mainnet.


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